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Make The Most Of Your Garden

Make The Most Of Your Garden

We’re not blessed with beautiful weather for long in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it while it lasts! We need to soak in the limited sun we do get, even if a lot of us struggle with knowing how. No matter the size of your garden or outdoor space, it can be tricky to know how to make the most of it. Whether you have a lawned area with a path, a simple terrace, or a multi-terrain space - at either the front or back of your house - you can easily maximise the outdoor part of your home as much as the indoors. Everyone knows about the easy trick of planting to make your garden look more homely but it’s important to relax in between too. So how?

Spend more time outside

It may sound obvious when talking about making the most of your garden to just use it but it’s true! You can be out there from your morning coffee to your evening tipple just by picking the right furniture. A bistro set is perfect for enjoying a quiet breakfast watching the sunrise (if you’re out early enough!) and listening to the birds, while a day bed or sun lounger helps you to relax with a book. Add a pergola or parasol if you burn easily and voilà, you can be out there all day despite your fragile skin! Eat your lunch as a family chatting on a sofa set, and then dine at an outdoor table. You can even cook your dinner outside with a barbecue or pizza oven just to fully take advantage of that outdoor time, and then stay warm by the fire thanks to a chiminea or firepit!

Start your day with the birds

Frontera Bistro Set

Keep the fire going after you cook

Fernando Chiminea with Pizza Shelf

Bring your favourite room outside

So you’ve decorated your house to become your sanctuary: A bedroom that gives you sweet dreams, a living room that lets you relax in style, and a dining room that is the hub of your home. But when the weather gets nicer and you’re suddenly spending more time in the great outdoors, why not continue that comforting feeling you get from your favourite room? Keep the same theme you have in that room and carry it outside. If your lounge is decorated in a mid-century modern style, bring that to your landscaping by combining natural elements with geometric shapes and textures. Take a farmhouse style kitchen and carry over the theme by using barrel-shaped planters, fairy lights, and wooden trellises. Your garden is just an extension of your house!

Use shapes and materials that match your interior

Get creative with old materials

Become a magician

It doesn't matter how small your garden may be, make it look deeper than it is by attaching a mirror to your garden wall or fence. Reflect the best parts of your garden and give the illusion of it carrying on forever, while only having to take care of the small space – it’s a win-win! Choose an arched shape to create a door effect, like your garden might extend beyond that wall à la The Secret Garden, giving your home that magic that you dreamed of as a kid. Even if your garden is big enough without this trick, a mirror reflects the sun, adding even more warmth to a Summer's day.

A mirror that looks like a window elongates your garden

Almanzor Outdoor Mirror - White

A mirror reflects the sun, warming any garden

Ebro Outdoor Mirror

Light it up

Solar Lights like this one are the way to go for a cosy summer evening. Lanterns can influence the whole aesthetic of your space, adding wooden slats to make it look more rustic, or glass for a vintage feel, while rope and faux leather introduce a modern chic element to any style. No matter the material, your solar lantern will bring warmth and cosiness as the sunny day turns into a cool breezy evening, helping you to maintain the outdoor fun even after the sun goes down!

Your Summer starts here...

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
10th April 2024

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