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The ever-extending world of extendable dining tables

The ever-extending world of extendable dining tables

Get a dining table that ebbs and flows as life does

A dining table witnesses most of life’s events. Rainy days at home with the kids doing arts and crafts, homework around the table on Saturdays, Christmas dinners with the whole family... Your dining table is there for it all. Yet the possibilities with dining tables are only expanding. At New Year’s Eve parties, your dining table could be the home of a buffet. Everyone can gather around the table for board games. The point is your dining table is the hub of entertainment as well as a place to eat. But these are special events, they’re not there for the everyday hustle and bustle, why would you need enough room to entertain guests when you don’t have the guests? Well, that’s where an extendable dining table comes in. You may be thinking that you don’t need an extending table because you’re not the socialising type, or you don’t like the classic styles, but let us explain the large table-shaped hole in your life.

The dining table often witnesses life's little moments

The family dining table is for more than just dinner

Let’s start at the stage where you have small children. They have friends over for tea, or you decide to host their birthday party at home to save money. A wipe-clean tabletop can easily save any spills from causing long-term damage, a catch at the bottom of the table stops little fingers from getting caught in the mechanism, and a rotating motion extension can save time for busy parents trying to get the dinner table ready. But why not just keep a large table all the time? Well, when you’re just your nuclear family, you’ll want to be seated close together to help the children cut their meals or just feel more sociable; literal proximity builds a foundation for the metaphorical variety.

Add a bench to your extending table for more flexibility

Harrogate Natural Extending Table

A simple spinning motion helps you seat more people

Apollo Motion Dining Table

Then, they grow up into teenagers. Family mealtimes start to be filled with grunts rather than words, parties start to carry a different meaning, and revision posters start to fill every available surface in the house. You may not always sit around to eat together, but when you do, you’ll need the space for bigger plates due to the growing bodies and the appetites to match. Parties might start needing a table full of carbohydrates and a place for cups that makes clearing up easier the next day. As school coursework starts to fill up weekend days, it will fill up your little dining table too until you have no room to dine at all! With all this clutter and such little time, it is hard to find the motivation to clear everything away, but if you need to extend the table then a) you will have more space for the clutter and b) you will have to clear it to extend it.

Your teenagers will need more space for schoolwork

An extended table brings more possibilities

Adelaide Extendable Dining Table

What about when your kids move out? No more family mealtimes around the dinner table? No more game nights? No more friends over for dinner parties or drinks in the dining room? No more Christmas dinners as a family? Of course you will; your children leaving is the beginning of your social life. Plus, we all know they never really do move out. If anything, you use your dining table even more when they come home because that social time becomes all the more important and there’s no chance of them running off to their rooms as soon as they get in. The dining table will be used for dining and your children will add grandchildren. The family will start to extend, making your table need to extend once again.

A round dining table facilitates more conversation

Perth Round Extending Dining Table

Extended family calls for an extended table

Find your dream extendable dining table

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
6th December 2023

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