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NEOM Feel Refreshed Reed Diffuser 100ml
12 weeks of absoloute pure bliss! The NEOM reed diffuser has been infused with sicilian lemon and fresh basil for a beautiful aroma to invigorate a tired and busy mind to encourage clear mindful thinking. A high concentrated formula containing key essential oil ingredients that have been proven to help with mental fatigue and the ability to concentrate ideal for keeping the mind alive in the living...
Was £45.00 Now £40.50
NEOM Happiness Reed Diffuser 100ml
A sweet blend of 7 pure essential oils including white neroli, mimosa and sicilian lemon emitting a beautifully uplifting scent to encourage the feeling of happiness and an improved state of mind. A top tip! Why not place your NEOM reed diffuser in your wardrobe to not only keep your clothes smelling fresh but it will also maintain its scent for longer and you can enjoy a burst of its uplifting smell...
Was £45.00 Now £40.50

NEOM Real Luxury Reed Diffuser 100ml
Take time to unwind after a long and busy day with the luxurious NEOM real luxury reed diffuser as part of their scent to de-stress range which brings together an expertly formulated blend of essential oils including english lavender, brazilian rosewood and sweet smelling jasmine. A top tip! Ever find your clothes pick up a scent after hanging in your wardrobe for a while? Why not position your reed...
Was £45.00 Now £40.50
NEOM Tranquillity Reed Diffuser 100ml
Go to bed knowing you'll get a peaceful nights sleep whilst inhaling the beautiful scents of sweet basil, lavender and floral jasmine. NEOM's reed diffusers work to transform your mood as they infuse the air with a beautiful scent that is full of natural goodness. A top tip! Why not position your NEOM reed diffuser in your wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling fresh and you can enjoy a burst of its...
Was £45.00 Now £40.50

NEOM De-Stress Home Mist 100ml
Feel instantly de-stressed as you walk into your home to the gorgeous scent of lavender and jasmine. Spray around your home and on fabrics; curtains, carpets and cushions and in the winter why not spritz the walls behind the radiators to enhance the scent even more, transforming the way that you feel!100ml (that's 1200 spritzes in a bottle!) packed with 100% natural fragrance including lavender, brazillian...
Was £25.00 Now £22.50
NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist 30ml
Spritz your pillow and the top of your duvet with the NEOM Perfect nights sleep pillow mist for that perfect nights sleep. Full of luxurious therapeutic oils that continue to release throughout the night including sweet basil, english lavender and jasmine, three tranquil scents that have been proven to improve your wellbeing, supporting a solid night of undisturbed sleep.30ml (that's 470 spritzes in...
Was £23.00 Now £20.70

Made from the finest of 100% natural pure essential oils, diffusers make an easy fuss free option to add a beautiful natural scent to your home whilst maintaining your wellbeing. Or consider a room spray allowing you full control of the scents strength allowing you to fully embrace a fresh hit of the scent as and when required.