The Ercol Experience

Explore & Be Inspired by our Ercol Experience

At Woods, we are so proud to be the FIRST furniture retailer in the UK to offer a full Ercol Experience inside our High East Street store in Dorchester. We're dedicating 2,000 square feet of our store to this iconic brand, spread across 9 roomsets featuring handcrafted living, dining and bedroom furniture designed and built to the finest details and expert joinery that Ercol is famous for all over the world.



Featuring ercol furnishings in the very latest designs, wood finishes and fabrics that are completely in touch with current interiors trends and accessorised with stunning glassware and lighting, each room is a feast for the eyes and sets off each perfectly presented Ercol piece to allow you to imagine how your home could benefit from the Ercol touch.





Ercol is reknown for an unwavering affinity with the texture and tone of wood, and no more is it on show than with Ercol's beautiful collection of dining furniture. Ercol dining tables and chairs are often handed down from generation to generation, and feature ingenious methods for smooth extending to allow joy in use as well as the aesthetic splendour of each range.

Woods are true experts on Ercol

Our store team have had a close relationship with Ercol for many, many years and as such have an unrivalled knowledge where it comes to choice, styles and even the intricate details of design and construction of every single piece of timeless Ercol furniture. They are trained in all aspects, and are able to assist anyone in a non-technical friendly manner to help you understand the potential of each product and how it could suit your needs.



Around our ercol experience, we have available a host of wood samples, paint samples, and fabric swatches, to help you get a real sense of the options available to you. Our experts can talk to you about how best to care for your wood or fabric finishes to ensure you can enjoy your products for many years to come.



Having served in the furnishings industry since 1875, we are meticulous in the training of our store staff - not just in the various features and options of the products, but also in advice on interiors. If you're not sure which ercol peices to use together, or how to position them for the best impact - feel free to ask! We know how to make the most of the perfect lines and silhouettes that Ercol offers and how to combine these to create a great space in your home. 



For instance, this perfectly alighed office space is a great example of furniture position, continuing lines and combining pieces like a useful sideboard as storage, and an armchair for downtime with your favourite book.

If you live too far from Dorchester to come and see the Ercol Experience for yourself, why not book a video appointment via our GoInstore video call facility by <clicking here> and one of our friendly team can give you your very own personalised guided tour.

Alternatively, you can browse all of our Ercol Collections here or if you prefer to browse ALL Ercol items regardless of collections, you can click here.