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How to Make Your Home Cosier

How to Make Your Home Cosier

Time to Accessorise Your Home

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we all need warmer living spaces to cosy up with the ones we love. The Danish have hygge, the Swedish value lagom, and the Japanese call it ikigai, but how can we achieve true warmth and cosiness through interior design? Whether it's with a seasonal cushion or fluffy sheepskin rug, make sure your home is looking and feeling ready for Autumn and Winter. 

Hygge Scrabble Tiles

Why earthy is the new light

It was all you'd see in any home in the 80s and 90s - and very commonly since - but the old trope of magnolia living rooms is no longer the in thing. In the 2010s, pale greys made their debut at the top spot in wall decoration, though we seem to be moving in a darker direction in more recent years. It is often thought that dark walls make a room seem smaller, but, while this is true, darker tones also give the impression of sophistication as well as cosiness. The more muted hues of orange, red, and brown tend to bring connotations of warmth and reassurance. This is why they are advised in highly frequented areas of the home, while the inviting and settling nature of these tones make them perfect for use in living spaces to both ground the home dwellers and welcome their guests. These darker colours also absorb light and pair perfectly with different shades, making it a versatile decorating choice. Add in metallic hues and you can elevate a space immediately, while still coordinating it with your everyday décor. Earthy colours have become a staple of high-end contemporary design for exactly this reason.

Eastcote Ceramic Dining Table
Harris 2 Seater Sofa - Burnt Orange

What you didn't know about sheepskin

This beautifully soft material is a renewable and sustainable option because of its natural origins, making it the perfect environmentally friendly accessory for any living room or bedroom. As if this wasn't enough, sheepskin is also a great insulator so will help you keep warm in the cooler months but will also absorb some of the heat through the floor in the Summer to stop you from overheating.

New Zealand Extra-Large Steel Sheepskin Rug
New Zealand Extra-Large Ivory Sheepskin Rug

Turn your main light off

If you want a room to feel more intimate, switch to a smaller lamp rather than your main room light. Not only is it cheaper to run a lower wattage lamp but it also adds a more personal touch than a bright light. If you're looking for an even warmer (perhaps literally) feel then it may make sense to opt for candles to light your evening. Candle and tealight holders add an extra element of decoration to a room while their contents provide a warm flickering glow.

Keep earthy tones going with a coloured or textured lampshade

Winslet Table Lamp With Teal Shade

Candles set such a cosy atmosphere in any room of the house

Forbes Candle

Plump Your Space Up

Cushions have been used since 7000BC and society hasn't looked back since. Originally a status symbol and a sign of affluence, this household accessory is now a staple in most homes and makes a space more inviting. They are an easy way to add a pop of colour to a room - or to tie a colour scheme together - and they still elevate a room all these years later.

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Posted by Kara Llewellyn
16th October 2023

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