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How can you make cushions look good on a colourful sofa?

How can you make cushions look good on a colourful sofa?

How can you make cushions look good on a colourful sofa?

Interior design trends come and go but cushions will always be in season. They’ve been at the centre of arguments between couples for years, but the woman always wins out because cushions just make sense. With October fast approaching and these rainy days making it feel like Autumn really is here, we could all use some more colour in our lives, and what better way to make your living room cosy in the cold than some soft cushions? You can switch out your cushions to revitalise an old sofa, to make your living room feel like it’s had a refresh, or to keep up with the changing seasons. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you.

Autumn is the season of cushions and cosiness


Show your personality

Cushions are a great form of expression. Take a sofa in your favourite colour and add a cushion with a pattern or emblem of something you love. Your lounge area is where you’re most likely to entertain and spend most of your time, so you want to be surrounded by things you love as well as the people you love. Floral patterns are a great way to show off a passion of gardening or a more feminine personality, and a very popular pattern to match other objects in the room for a more cohesive space.

Ava Cushion
Kya Cushion

Pick a common theme

Your cushions don’t have to match. In fact, sometimes it’s better if they don’t because having too much symmetry can make a space look more formal. If you want a homely but coordinated feel, opt for either a matching texture, colour, or pattern. Avoid colour clashes for a subtle but stylish aesthetic. Add a dark blue cushion to your rust-coloured sofa with a burnt orange hue running throughout the pattern so it’s coordinated but not matching. Or pick one colour from your patterned cushion (not the base colour) and get a plain cushion in the same hue.

Patterns can clash if there's a common colour

How many is too many?

Ask a lot of us and we’ll say you can’t have too many decorative cushions, but there is an art to decorating your sofa. They form a stunning accent point for your room but the reason why so many men are averse to them is because they can make a sofa seem crowded and take up valuable seating room. So the compromise? For a 2 or 3 seater sofa, 2-3 cushions is ideal. Even numbers are good for symmetry while odd numbers can make a space feel cosier. If you have a larger corner sofa, you can get away with having more.

More Seats = More Cushions

Dakota Corner Sofa

Our range of cushions...

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
2nd October 2023

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