Parker Knoll

Parker Knoll furniture is handmade in Britain by the finest craftsmen and women. Every piece we make at our factory in Nottinghamshire is characterised by its quality, distinctive design and attention to detail. We are very proud of our unique heritage, and these values remain at the heart of our business. Today we carefully select high quality timber and fabrics to provide the ultimate in unparalleled comfort and durability.

Parker Knoll Upholstery is proud to have been awarded the BSI ISO 9001 QMS certificate. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System at Parker Knoll is continually assessed demonstrating our commitment to continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

All Parker Knoll products are regularly subjected to independent testing to ensure safety, product performance, and reliability, always maintaining the highest possible standards for our customers.

With over 150 years’ experience behind Parker Knoll, you can feel confident when choosing your sofa or chair. To support this, we provide you with a unique guarantee.

- All our furniture is supported by a 25 year frame and frame assembly guarantee.
- The 25 year guarantee applies to all wood and wooden components in your furniture.
- In addition, our recliner furniture is supported by a 5 year guarantee for motors and mechanism.

NB The 25 year guarantee applies to all integral legs. Legs and feet are covered for 1 year. 


A Few Simple Tips

1. Your upholstery is designed to be used in a comfortable and ergonomically correct way. Sitting on the edges of cushions or on the arms may cause premature wear or distortion of the fillings or fabric.
Permanent damage may result from allowing people or animals to jump on the furniture.

2. Do not allow pets to snag the fabric. If a snag does occur do not pull it, carefully feed through to the back of the fabric with a blunt needle.

3. Please keep sharp edged objects, buckles and jewellery clear of the upholstery.

4. Do not allow children to use furniture to demonstrate their gymnastic ability.

5. Furniture should not be exposed to long periods of direct heat which could cause frame distortion or strong direct sunlight which can cause fading.

6. Avoid sitting on upholstery with non-colourfast clothes or heavily soiled clothes.

7. Do not leave newspapers on upholstery as this can stain.

8. When regularly using your sofa, it is advised to regularly turn and move loose cushions. Furniture with fixed seats will require dressing out with use. (see page 12 - weekly cushion care)

9. Please make sure your sofa is kept in a well ventilated room. Upholstery fabrics have better longevity under normal humidity circumstances.

Caring for your fabric upholstery

Our extensive range of fabrics are selected from the finest mills across the world.

In order to maintain your furniture in the pristine condition in which it was delivered, please take a little time to read the following helpful tips.

1. Some fabrics have a pile, such as velvets and chenilles, which may shade, show pressure marks or flatten. Creases may form in seat and back cushions where fillings flex. These are normal characteristics of pile fabrics, and should not be regarded as a fault. (see page 8 - Special care for Velvet and Chenille upholstery)

2. Accumulated dust and dirt will accelerate wear and can dull colours. We recommend you carefully vacuum your upholstery, at least once a week to keep it in good condition.
Dust removal may be improved by pre-brushing with a soft brush.

3. Never use soap or detergents on fabrics, as upholstery fabrics are not 100% colourfast. Excessive wetting could cause shrinkage. Minor soiling can be removed by using a proprietary dry foam cleaner available from most furniture stores. Please test before applying to whole area and follow instructions for use.

4. The application of additional stain repellent treatments may affect the feel, colour and performance of the fabric.

5. It is advisable to have heavy soiling cleaned by a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service.

6. Removable (loose) covers must be cleaned in accordance to the label attached to the cover. In most cases this will mean dry cleaning at a Professional Dry Cleaners only.

Parker Knoll will not accept responsibility for any damage caused through incorrect cleaning.

Special care for Velvet and Chenille upholstery

Velvet and Chenille fabrics have a high pile as a result of a double weaving process. Consequently this pile may cause fabrics to shade, show pressure marks or flatten. These qualities are unavoidable and as such should not be regarded as a fault but instead a unique characteristic of these natural fabrics.

A few simple tips:–

1. Brush off any dust with a soft bristled hairbrush or cloth in the direction of the nap.

2. You can vacuum with a specific attachment for velvet or chenille to remove fuzz formed on the fabric.

3. Remove any creases with a steamer - holding the nozzle right up to the velvet moving at a moderate pace across the crease in the direction of the nap.

4. Never use soap or detergents on fabrics, as this can have a negative impact on the fabric and even change the colour appearance.

5. Please keep sharp edged objects, buckles and jewellery clear of the upholstery.

Caring for your Leather Upholstery

Our leather range offers a super soft feel with sumptuous colours – a stylish option for your Parker Knoll suite. Parker Knoll leathers are selected from premium tanneries worldwide, they are natural products and every hide has a unique life story. Leather will stretch and move, and may display traces of the past, such as healed scars, insect bites, growth marks, veins, sometimes even brand marks. These are all hallmarks of hide and in no way detract from wearing qualities of leather.

No two hides are alike, grain structure will always vary. The dyes and finishes penetrate to varying degrees in different areas of the hide to give an attractive finish. Whilst every attempt is made to achieve uniformity, this is not always possible as a suite requires at least eight hides, each with various textures therefore, perfect colour matching between individual pieces cannot be guaranteed.


General care

1. Leather furniture should not be exposed to long periods of strong direct sunlight, which can cause fading, drying out and cracking, neither should they be exposed to direct heat, which could cause frame distortion.

2. Sitting on the edges of cushions or on the arms may cause distortion and permanent damage.

3. Please keep sharp objects, buckles and jewellery clear, as these could tear the leather.

4. Do not allow pets to claw or climb on leather furniture.

5. Plump up all feather/fibre filled cushions on a daily basis, and foam filled cushions once a week. This will not only enhance the look of your furniture, but will prolong the life of the fillings.

6. Avoid sitting on leather with non-colourfast clothes or heavily soiled clothes.

7. Dust weekly with a clean soft cloth.

8. Clean quarterly by wiping over with a lukewarm mild solution of pure natural soaping agent, using a damp cloth or soft sponge in a circular motion. If using a sponge, work the sponge to achieve a lather; it is better to use the suds to clean with.

9. Do not rub the leather as this could damage the surface.

10. It is important not to over wet the cloth or sponge.

11. Failure to carry out regular cleaning could result in the leather becoming discoloured permanently.

12. Any accidental spills should be mopped up immediately with an absorbent tissue or a soft, clean cloth. Always work from the outside of the spill towards the centre, to prevent it spreading. This is important to avoid a stain. Then follow the ‘soaping’ cleaning procedure.

13. Never use:- polishes, creams, detergents, leather food, solvents, varnishes, white spirit or stain removers. They will damage the leather beyond repair.


Cushion Care

Your upholstery is designed to be used in a comfortable and ergonomically correct way. Sitting on the edges of cushions or on the arms may cause premature wear or distortion of the fillings or fabric.


Permanent damage may result from allowing people or animals to jump on the furniture.


Reversible cushions, if provided, should be rotated daily on chairs and sofas in order to avoid localised excessive wear or soiling.

All scatter cushions should be plumped up on a daily basis especially if they are fibre or feather filled. This will not only enhance the look of your furniture but will help prolong its life.

We recommend that feather cushions or feather mix cushions are not vacuumed, only brushed.

Our visual guide overleaf will help you to ensure your upholstery is always at its best.


Encore seat interiors

The Parker Knoll Encore seat interior offers a solid foam core encased with pocketed roll carded fibre, giving the look and feel of a fibre seat with the added durability of foam.

With an Encore seat interior your seat cushion will recover its shape and maintain its plumpness.

Unlike standard fibre seat interiors, which need constant plumping and maintenance, the Encore seat interior only needs regular turning and dressing to maintain its shape.

On receipt of your sofa or chair you may see an exaggerated plumpness to the seat cushion. This will reduce with use over a short period of time as the interior pockets of fibre settle into the ideal shape

Premium Comfort Foam

Premium Comfort Foam has been developed by Parker Knoll in conjunction with a leading foam supplier to create a supremely comfortable seating experience. This seat interior option has a foam core and super soft topper, creating pockets of air when you sit as well as offering excellent recovery properties with an elegant, tailored appearance. Premium Comfort Foam will conform to your body shape, perfectly ensuring you have a premium comfort experience.

Fitting your arm caps

General Information for your Motion Furniture

Having positioned your chair/sofa

Check that all leads from motors, transformers and plugs are secure.

Check all mechanisms function correctly to full recline and upright position before sitting down.

Please note: body weight needs to be applied to Rise and Recline chairs once the chair has returned to standard seating position to allow it to fully close before moving to the next position.

Remove wall plug when not in use.

We recommend that you charge your cordless furniture every two to five days, overnight for eight hours to ensure the best usage.


Weight restrictions

Our products have been designed to support a maximum weight of 140kgs.


In the event of a breakdown

Your transformer is fitted with a battery back up, in case the main power supply fails. Over time the back up will need to be replaced with two 9 volt batteries.

Check the chair/sofa is plugged in and switched on.

Check that all leads are connected.

Consult your original retailer from where you purchased your furniture for advice.


Do not place the chair/sofa, cables or transformer

- Underneath or close to, any other object or piece of furniture.

- In an area which is exposed to long periods of sunlight.

- In or near an area which is, or may become, wet or damp.

- Near open fires, heaters, gas or electrical appliances.

- Ensure children and pets are clear of the chair/sofa when it is being operated, and children are supervised whilst on or around the chair/sofa.

- Do not try to retrieve objects from the chair/sofa whilst in motion.

- Do not use the chair/sofa for lifting objects. The footrest should only support feet and legs.

- Do not swivel whilst reclined.

- Never dismantle the motor or transformer.

- Do not attempt to exit chair/sofa whilst in the reclined position, wait until the chair/sofa is fully closed.

- Do not tip the sofabed forward, and ensure that the mechanism is securely fastened prior to moving the sofabed.

- Do not operate the evolution two button power recliner or/and USB port if your hands are not completely dry

Please note: on models with a USB port, the output voltage is 5V with a maximum output current of 2A. Do not connect any devices that are outside of these specifications. Please refer to your device’s user guide for further information.

Operating your Rise & recline chair

Norton Rise & Recline 

We hope you will find this information helpful and by following these guidelines, your furniture should give you pleasure for years to come. In the unlikely event that you should experience a problem with your Parker Knoll furniture, please contact your retailer.

In the interests of improving quality, design and safety, Parker Knoll may alter specifications or discontinue models and fabrics without notice.
For further information and advice on Parker Knoll products, please contact your local retailer or visit our website at:

We are very proud of our unique heritage, and these values remain at the heart of our business. Our wealth of experience spans over three centuries, and over this time, as a brand, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise.