We are proud to be able to offer reclaimed wood furniture, built using sustainable materials. The recycled furniture collections below are made from reclaimed timber, a material which has had a previous life as something else entirely different.

The timber was recycled from its original purpose to make beautiful new reclaimed wood furniture. Its gorgeous rustic patina makes every piece truly unique. Paired with industrial style features such as heavy metalwork, these reclaimed furniture pieces are some of our most popular in our catalogue and are loved by many.

Enjoy a more sustainable take on furnishing your living or dining room with one of our reclaimed wood furniture collections below.


What is reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture is made from recycled timber which has previously been used for another purpose. The original timber is transformed into high quality furniture, giving it a new life in your home.


What is the life expectancy of reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture can last for decades, making it a worthwhile investment in your home. It is predicted that reclaimed furniture will remain stylish for years to come too, meaning it will always bring character and charm into any space.


What are the advantages of reclaimed wood furniture?

The main benefit of reclaimed wood furniture is its positive impact on the planet. When you purchase this furniture, you’re being part of a sustainable recycling activity. Reclaimed wood furniture removes the need to chop down new trees, instead using timber from trees that were felled years ago.


Is reclaimed wood furniture good quality?

Yes! Because the reclaimed timber used in the furniture has had a past life, it has already proved it can stand the test of time. Having been previously exposed to the elements, the wood has had time to expand and contract, making it less likely to warp or split.


How do you clean reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture can be easily cleaned regularly with a damp cloth. A small brush can also help to remove crumbs and dust that may have fallen into the crevices of the furniture.