The Legend Is Born

Since 1935, Venjakob have been designing and creating award winning furniture from their state-of-the-art factory in Gutersloh, Germany.

Master carpenter Alfons Venjakob began the business with the secific intention to create world class furniture that had global appeal. The management changed during the turblence of the 2nd world war, and today Seigfied Venjakob (Alfon's son), is in charge.

Their motto is "never stand still", and this has ensured that their designs change with the ages, and every piece can find it's place as our tastes change from generation to generation.

A Masterclass in Craftsmanship

The skilled crafters at Venjakob are all master carpenters, and their in-depth knowledge and carefully honed skills have been passed down from generation to generation.

The resulting furniture, is sheer refinement. The love wood and a feel for the personality of every cut is evident in the way the peices are treated and constructed. Natural wood tones and grains are married with other materials such as leather, glass and metal to create a stunning and inspiring set of designs. The furniture has an extremely long life thanks to this level of care and attention and fulfils not only the aesthetic but also the practical.

Bringing People Together | Dining

Venjakob offer a wide range of Dining Collections. These collections cover a wide variety of looks and styles from the cool sophistication of the Albero collection, to the warm wood tones of the Barola. Usually featuring long sweeping sideboards complete with many drawers and storage solution, these dining collections are designed with people in mind. 

The ethos behind these dining ranges is always rooted in style, quality and funtion, all in equal measure. Literally everything has been thought of, and the quality of the build and craftsmanship is second to none.

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Quality Time | Living

While the dining collections from Venjakob are all stunning and perfect for the modern style of kitchen/dining that we have become used to today, the living collections are driven by the inspirational lifestyle of relaxation, fun, and comfort.

The living room is a place to do just that, to live, and this is at the heart of Venjakob's approach to the design and creation of each Living Room range. 

The designs are centred on simplicty and of course, storage. Showcasing the sheer beauty of wood grains, and the modern touch of built-in lighting in many of their ranges, such as the Sentino range shown here.

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