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Choosing The Right Bar Stool For Your Breakfast Nook

Choosing The Right Bar Stool For Your Breakfast Nook

With National Croissant Day this week (we know, and yes, that really is a thing), we thought we’d help you to enjoy your continental breakfasts in comfort and style. The croissant originated in Austria, is normally associated with France thanks to Marie Antoinette’s love of them, and is now enjoyed globally. In fact, by 2010 the sale of croissants in UK supermarkets had overtaken bread rolls. So, for the true European experience and to celebrate that crescent of buttery flaky goodness, it’s time to design the ideal breakfast nook. With so many bar stools around right now, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one for you, but there is a bit of a science to it and if you have the right information then you can create your perfect kitchen in a few simple steps.

Create your perfect breakfast oasis

Adelaide Bar Table

The Palace of Versailles was the home of the croissant

Whether your bar stool is going to be nestled at a kitchen island or tucked away neatly at a bar table, you need to make sure you get one that’s the right height for your space. It is generally recommended to leave 20-30cm between the top of the seat and the bottom of the counter so that you have enough room to comfortably sit while you sip and even cross your legs if you so wish. You definitely don’t want much more space than that or you will be barely peeking over the top to be able to see your morning coffee and you’ll feel like a toddler sitting in their first grown-up chair, although if the stool is too high, you’ll feel like an adult sitting in a reception classroom. To accommodate different heights within the household, choosing a gas lift barstool will allow you to adapt where it sits accordingly without anyone feeling like they’re on Lilliput. The number of barstools you need will vary both on the number of people and the size of your space. You ideally need 60-76cm between each stool, particularly if you go for a swivel, so that you have enough space to turn without banging knees.

Gas lift stools allow you more flexibility

George Barstool in Grey

Allow a swivel stool space to avoid damaging counters

Industrial Bar Stool in Grey

Choosing the right material for your barstool is equally important as the size. If you have children, you might want to opt for a wipe-clean material like faux leather in case there’s any spillages, while a stool with padding can increase comfort. Both metal and wooden legs make a strong sturdy base so that you can sit and enjoy your breakfast or cocktail comfortably and worry-free. The material can also change the style of the stool, so leather looks sophisticated and traditional while velvet can bring a more modern, vibrant aesthetic to a room. It is best to coordinate the design approach of your barstools with the rest of your kitchen or dining room to bring a cohesive look to your space.

Faux leather adds a level of sophistication

Digby Bar Stool Dark Brown

Bring a modern twist to your kitchen

Carlton Bar Stool Teal Velvet

The colour you opt for depends on the colour of your counter or bar table, so if you have a dark countertop or tabletop, it is best to choose a lighter stool for balance and vice versa. Likewise, wooden kitchen islands and cabinets lend themselves to metal, faux leather, or velvet barstools so you’re varying materials ad creating a much more balanced space. With maximalist design really in this year, treat your morning coffee perch to a splash of colour that either contrasts or matches your dining chairs. You could even mix and match the colours of your barstools with the same design to add a point of interest to your space.

Pair a light tabletop with a dark stool for contrast

Carlton Bar Stool Dark Grey Velvet

Use a stool to bring an element of colour

Ripley Bar Stool Mustard

Create your own Versailles...

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
26th January 2024

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