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Tempur Original
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Tempur Sensation

Original Mattress: The original is Tempur’s firmest and most conforming mattress. Made from the original Tempur material, its firmer feel adapts to your shape to cushion and support your body.

Cloud Mattress: Offering an innovative balance of softness blended with superior comfort, the Cloud mattress is designed with a softer feel. Each cloud mattress is topped with Tempur’s extra soft materials providing you with instant cushioning. Further layers of the unique Tempur materials add conforming support to your body.

Sensation Mattress: The sensation collection was designed with the freedom of movement in mind. The ease in movement you experience is one found in a more traditional spring mattress. The difference is in the sublime comfort and support that only Tempur can provide. Fitted with a high mobility technology layer, the Sensation layer provides you with a light support allowing you to easily move about. Once again the Tempur materials gently confirm and adapt to your bodies unique shape.


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