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Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

For over 10 years now, the 21st March has been known as the UN’s International Day of Forests. As such, Woods is really proud on this date and every day of the year to boast our generous stock of reclaimed wood furniture. This sustainable material is not only better for the planet but also offers many advantages to your furniture. To celebrate International Day of Forests, let’s explore some of the benefits of our stunning reclaimed timber ranges.

History and Mystery

Every piece of reclaimed wood has a backstory. Your coffee table or display cabinet isn’t the first incarnation of the material so it’s had an entire life before it arrives in your home, adding more angles of interest than a brand-new manufactured product might. This means that every individual item is just that, individual! No two pieces of reclaimed timber are identical which is reflected in each furniture piece crafted from it; even if an item is from the same range, it will look cohesive but unique and will carry its own character.

Make a simple furniture piece a focal point

Urban Wide Sideboard

Each panel is different

Perth Round Coffee Table

Aging Like Fine Wine

Reclaimed wood is proof that things really do get better with age. As wood matures, its rings get wider and knots become more prominent, increasing the rustic aesthetic which is so popular in interior design. This added personality makes each piece even more unique, just like you see in humans, and we all know that if we were all the same life would be a lot more boring… Why wouldn’t that same ethos apply to our homes?

The wood variation can make it look rustic or industrial

Adelaide Industrial Style Display Cabinet

Knotting shows more character

Urban Dining Bench

Strength in Numbers (of years)

Although older trees bear more signs of age (we can relate to that!), they are actually ultimately less likely to warp or split thanks to their denser make-up, and time makes the timber more robust. This strength makes reclaimed timber more suitable for high traffic areas such as the dining room, where you will find wooden tabletops an excellent choice.

The sturdiness of reclaimed wood is clear

Urban Dining Table

This material is perfect for a dining table

Perth 160cm Dining Table

Look at the reclaimed ranges...

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
19th March 2024

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