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Predicting the Future: Interior Design Trends of 2024

Predicting the Future: Interior Design Trends of 2024

It seems crazy to be saying this but we’re in 2024! How did that happen?! Time seems to be flying and interior design trends are moving with it, so how are any of us supposed to keep up? Let us hold your hand through navigating this year’s most popular décor movements, because it’s going to be quite the ride. It’s looking like this year is going to introduce some words we’ve never heard of before, and feature words we never thought we’d hear in the context of home decoration… Jellyfish, mushrooms, where are we supposed to start?


That’s right, that wasn’t a typo; we’re really using the word kitschen now. 2024 is the year when kitsch becomes cool, and we are so here for it. The kitchen is a space that is often forgotten when it comes to small updates but it’s easier than you might think to change it up a little bit every now and then. Colourful tableware and bright crockery can add some Spring to your step – or your kitchen – and revitalise a space that still feels like it’s just cooked a LOT of turkey. You can also add fun prints and paint cabinet fronts in fresh colours to bring an aspect of Spring to your kitchen, with the obvious addition of plants EVERYWHERE, which is something we will always be suggesting to help add life to your home. If you have a breakfast bar or kitchen island, a colourful barstool is an easy way to keep the area bright, and then go for either matching or clashing dining chairs for a true kitschy feel.

Neon art can brighten up a kitchen

Colours can either clash or match

Green Dining Chair and Table Set

Western Gothic

If all this colour isn’t your thing, don’t worry, 2024 has trends for everyone – even the non-followers of trends! You’ve heard of Western, and you’ve heard of Gothic, but have you ever put them together? Well, this is the year to do it. Books have been doing it for a while, people have been styling their clothes that way for a while – a chunky black belt buckle anyone? – and now it’s time to bring this style a bit closer to home. It doesn’t mean you have to go full Cowboy or dye everything black – although if that’s your thing, by all means go for it! – but opt for dark leather upholstery and antique frames to fully capture both styles. Animal prints help to fully sell the aesthetic, but if you want a more subtle adaptation of the trend then stick to darker hues of faux leather or velvet fabrics, industrial and reclaimed woods, and deep-toned painted walls. This style lends itself nicely to shabby chic furniture, which does tend to be a lot lighter than gothic designs but has the same vintage, slightly weathered vibe.

Paint your walls dark and use dark leather furniture

Tan Leather Armchair

Art Deco pieces work really well in this style

Vintage Inspired Coffee Table


This year seems to be full of words that are almost familiar but also completely out of the realms of understanding. Aquatecture, for example, starts off making you feel like you know what is going to be said and then adds in architecture for good measure! It’s not often we hear aquatics being mentioned when it comes to interior design, but we predict it will be a big trend this year, with jellyfish being the forerunner in theme! Patterns, colours, you name it – it will be centred around jellyfish. This is the year we’re all enjoying ‘slowcations’ more, preferring holidays relaxing by the pool or on the beach than adventuring out in big cities, and we’re decorating our homes to reflect this. With an interest in tropical chic gathering pace, it’s maybe less surprising that sea creatures are making their way into design trends, and what better colour palette and shape to use as inspiration than the majestic jellyfish?

They might sting but they sure are pretty!

Use tropical-inspired colours and patterns

Ascot Cabinet in Blue

With all this in mind, the word for this year seems to be ‘quirky’. The ever-popular Scandinavian design is still in (as we predict it will be for quite some time), but, while we’re searching for peace in our interiors, we’re getting more and more out there with some of our choices. Cottagecore seems to be leaving us but leaving in its trail a love of mushroom themed decorations, and interesting shapes and accessories are definitely having a moment of their own. This doesn’t mean that wood textures and green upholstery are gone yet, though, and we’re finally in a time when there is no dominant colour; being individual is trendier than ever!

Get ahead of the trends...

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
9th January 2024

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