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Eggstraordinary Hosting Hacks: Easter Edition

Eggstraordinary Hosting Hacks: Easter Edition

Easter is the perfect time for family gatherings of all ages, but it can feel like a lot of pressure on the household tasked with hosting. To make things easier, we have gathered some of our tips and tricks on how to make Easter lunch a Spring breeze.

1. Decoration Time!

We often attribute decorations to Christmas, but Easter decorations are grossly underrated. You may not have them up for quite so long, but they are easy to DIY with items you either already own or will be able to keep and repurpose without needing to create storage space for the rest of the year. You can even make decorations once your guests have arrived to entertain kids and bigger kids alike!

Easter wreaths are simple but stunning

Amalfi Dining Table

Decorating Easter Eggs lets your creativity flow

2. Tablescaping

Having so many options for decorations means you don’t have to think too hard on your tablescaping. Use decorated eggs to dot around the table as a fun point of interest, or make an Easter wreath into a centrepiece with a candle in the middle. Another easy way to make your table look ready for the season is by using flowers. A simple arrangement can elevate your dining table and bring a pastel Spring palette to your space, no matter your décor.

Artificial flowers can keep your table pretty all year

Cream Cosmos Spray

A simple napkin trick can create an Easter masterpiece!

3. Seating Plans

A seating plan might feel a little bit formal for a family gathering but sometimes it’s the only way to keep family politics at bay! There are fun ways to designate where everybody sits so that your feuding Aunt and Uncle can keep their domestics to their home dining table instead of yours, so pop a cute party favour in everyone’s place and keep the smiles going throughout the meal.

Sweeten the deal with a goody bag with their name

You can keep it simple but pretty

4. Food, Glorious Food!

Ah yes, the main event… Food! (Easter Egg Hunt, who?!) A delicious roast dinner, a buffet of devilled eggs and mini cornflake cake nests, huge chocolate desserts; Easter is a theme that just lends itself to great grub. Spend the day around the table (with an extending table you can fit even more of you!), from brunch to board games, and canapes to cocktails, your dining table will almost do the hosting for you!

<p>Fit more people around your table by rotating it and extending!</p>

Fit more people around your table by rotating it and extending!

Toscana Motion Table 140-200cm - Grey

Make your Easter hosting easier...

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
27th March 2024

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