Dining Chairs: Gather around the table

Dining Chairs: Gather around the table

Gather around the table with a beautiful set of dining chairs...

At this time of year, we’re all making promises to ourselves about getting healthy, less screen-time, more family time. Something that perhaps we should all try to do more of, is eating together. Getting around the table with all phones switched off to enjoy time together with conversation, great food and of course in comfort. This is where the dining chair comes in…


A bit of background

The humble dining chair has really only been common place since the 16th century. Amazing isn’t it? Did we all eat standing up before this? Was it breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed? Well, not quite.

Chairs with a supporting back section, were usually enjoyed by important figures, rich land owners and royalty. Everyone else sat on stools, boxes, or chests in the home – or even on the floor, which of course is still very much normal in other cultures today.

17th Century Dining Chair

Design and feel

Choosing a dining chair or indeed a set of dining chairs is such an individual thing, but overall, most of us want a great combination of the following:

  • a style that suits our kitchen or dining room
  • a colour that works with our home décor
  • a design that is comfortable to sit on around the table

Dining chairs can come in all shapes and sizes.

Barnes Carver Chairs
Twist Swivel Dining Chair

Take the Barnes Carver chairs and the Twist for instance. Need something to rest your elbow on that isn’t the table (not forgetting basic table manners!), then a chair with arms is just for you.

Ripley Dining Chair in Faux Leather Mustard
Hardy Dining Chair in Grey Faux Leather

Or how about something that takes up less room around the table? The Ripley in a modern mustard faux leather or the grey Hardy with a plush supportive back.

Velvet Chairs
Bari High Back Dining Chair

Perhaps you don’t have children with grubby mitts running about and would rather the comfort of a fabric chair? Sumptuous velvet chairs like the Emma in Rose Pink or the traditional Bari chair with high buttoned back in a neutral linen weave?

The choices are indeed endless. Browse all dining chairs.

Alternative seating

Something to consider too, is the new trend for communal seating. Restaurants are more often opting for the bench seating approach for informal dining. You can now enjoy this style of seating in the home, with stylish benches upholstered in faux leather like the Hardy bench below.

Hardy Upholstered Dining Bench

However, if your home style is more wood-based, there are a number of bench choices championing the beauty of oak such as the Tetbury bench or Industrial dining bench below – both available in different lengths to suit your table.

Tetbury Oak Wooden Dining Bench
Industrial Oak Dining Bench

High and mighty: the emergence of the breakfast bar

And for those of us who want a quick and convenient place to perch while scooping up a short meal, what better choice is there than a bar stool? Again, the options are there to suit your tastes, from stools that rotate, to stools with backs and stools that are height adjustable to match your kitchen perfectly.

The Digby and Hardy stools below have generous seat pads and backs. The Digby even rotates and springs back to front-facing when not in use.

Digby Bar Stool
Hardy Bar Stool

The Ripley below comes in four great colours, and the Byron in three neutral tones has as gas-lift feature to adjust the height.

Ripley Bar Stool in Teal Faux Leather
Byron Gas Lift Bar Stool

So, it has never been easier to gather around the table on wonderful chairs that suit your homestyle, and resolve to spend some more time this year with friends and loved ones. 

Happy new year to everyone!

9th January 2020

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