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Homeware Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

Homeware Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

We all need ideas on what to get our loved ones for Christmas. Each year, it seems to get even harder to come up with something innovative, and we have to dig deep to find a gift that both matches our budget and shows how much we care. As different members of the family grow up, presents evolve from toys to clothes to furniture or homeware, and that's where we step in to help. So, this year we have collated a list of gifts the adults in your life will appreciate the most.

Presents change from generation to generation

Everyone wants something different

A gift that smells nice is the perfect gift for any age group. Your sense of smell is directly linked to your memories and your emotions, so everytime your loved one uses their gift they are more likely to think of you; it's just science! With a wide variety of candles and room diffusers, NEOM makes sure that your gift can infuse the whole home with loving thoughts.

Products that incorporate English lavender as part of the 'scent to de-stress' range symbolise grace, calmness, and luxury. Meanwhile, the 'scent to make you happy' range uses Sicilian lemons due to their mood-boosting properties. This citrus aroma is supposed to improve self-confidence and body image, making it the perfect gift for making someone feel good about themselves, particularly as a body lotion or soap. With the additional ranges of 'scent to sleep', 'scent to calm and relax', and 'scent to boost your energy', NEOM provides a variety of products for everyone's needs.

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The perfect addition to any self-care routine

Real Luxury 'Scent to De-Stress' Skin Treatment Candle

Aromas are powerful mood-boosters and relaxers

Great Day 'Scent to Make You Happy' Hand and Body Lotion

The ideal present for someone who's just moved house, a voucher for a furniture shop can really help them personalise their own space! A gift certificate gives the recipient the freedom and satisfaction of choosing that important furniture piece themselves. Narrowing the voucher down to a specific place rather than something more generalised shows that you have thought about it in detail, and you've either chosen one from somewhere you know they love or that you would recommend. Vouchers are also an easy way for family members or friends to club together and all chip in for a present without needing to come to a group decision of a more specific gift while still getting something meaningful and of more value.

Choose Your Amount

One of the most thoughtful gifts many of us can receive for our home is artwork. It shows that you understand what a person really appreciates in life, what works well with their decor, and what will last them a long time. Art isn't the kind of present that you use once and then never look at again; it's something that sits proudly on display and says who a person really is. If you choose a location print then you can remind someone of a really special kind of place in their heart, or signal where they live, though art can mean something a lot deeper too. An ocean print can demonstrate a deep thinker or wistful soul, while a city scape painting might be perfect for the ambitious or extroverted person in your life.

For the beach lovers...

Pacific Ocean Waves

... and the city dwellers

Urban City Skyline

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Posted by Kara Llewellyn
22nd November 2023

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