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How To Style Green Furniture

How To Style Green Furniture

The easy design trend that will leave your guests green with envy

At this time of year, we become accustomed to seeing green everywhere, but it actually looks amazing in our homes during every season. It’s no surprise that people find it to be such a soothing colour when we’ve been seeing it everywhere for such a long time. Natural hues and earthy tones have been around us in nature all our lives, making our sub-conscious innately recognise them and gravitate towards them. But how can you make green look good in your interior decorating?

Green doesn't have to be just for Christmas

Green is the colour of calm and nature

One of the most popular design trends of this year has been the green velvet sofa. Whether in olive or forest green, living rooms are being transformed by this new sofa trend. The great thing about a sofa is that you can style that single piece of furniture as much as you can style a whole room. Adding throw blankets and cushions allows you to bring a theme together for full cohesion or coordinate different elements. Combining different scatter cushions in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and tones can add an extra layer of comfort and style. Choosing complementary shades such as a blush pink, black, white, or stone can introduce a refined look to your living space, while brighter hues – especially those on the opposite side of the colour wheel like a mauve or fuchsia pink – can ensure a bold aesthetic.

Dark tones and metallics help to elevate green hues

Freddie Olive 2 Seater Sofa

Sunshine yellows can freshen up forest greens

Marseille Forest Green 3 Seater Sofa

But it’s not just soft furnishings which can benefit from the green touch. The dining room is the perfect place to add green accents since they create a serene and welcoming space, perfect for showing hospitality to guests or dining in a mellow, homey atmosphere. What’s more, this comforting tone is associated with bringing harmony to a space, and what better place to create harmonious conversation than a busy dinner table? Follow the 60-30-10 colour design rule, and whether you are using green as the main 60% of your focal furniture, the 30% accessory colour, or small 10% accent hue, you shouldn’t be able to go wrong. If you want large pieces to showcase your love of green, cabinets and sideboards are an excellent tool for doing this, while dining chairs are a dependable choice for those wanting a more subtle yet stylish tone of green. Accessories such as vases and plants are ideal for using green as an accent to coordinate with other dominant colours. Whichever element you are choosing to be championed by green hues, they can be perfectly complemented by natural materials like stone, wood, and ceramic in order to unite modern and rustic aesthetics.

Moss greens can bring a soothing element to dining

Moss Harrogate 2 Door Cupboard

Combine green tones with natural materials

Firenza Olive Dining Chairs

Because of its calming properties, green is the ideal colour to induce sleep and restore energy. This makes it a stunningly smart choice for the bedroom. Painting the whole bedroom green isn’t a particularly popular choice due to changing trends and needing to get the perfect shade, an accent wall is a very clever way of coordinating the walls with furniture to get the ideal colour balance. If you’re going to have a balanced room, the bedroom is definitely the place to do it. So, choose an upholstered bed frame to incorporate an additional green element, and combine it with an occasional chair for extra seating, and consider a jewel tone to increase the style and opulence of the space.

Use a multitude of soft greens in the bedroom

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Consider jewel tones and metallics for a classier look

Blake Green Armchair

Go Green With Us...

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
12th December 2023

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