How to care for your sheepskin

When you first recieve your sheepskin be sure to give it a vigorous shake to help restore the soft fluffy appearance of the wool as they are very resiliant fibres and will bounce back to their original appearance. 

How to take care of your sheepskin in 3 simple steps

1. Beat and Shake your sheepskin on a regular basis. Doing this outdoors will help to remove dirt and dust particles from your rug 

2. Brushing your sheepskin with a wired pet brush will help to keep your sheepskin soft and fluffy whilst also removing any dust that might be caught between the hairs. Don't worry if wool comes off on the brush, this is a normal occurence. 

3. Once you have both shaken and brushed out your sheepskin, going over it with the hoover will pick up any remaining dirt and dust particles.


Light Stains

Everyone has a clumsy accident from time to time, its completely normal. Here is our top tips on how to clean off a light stain by hand.

1. Sponge small stains off using a damp cloth

2. If you find you find your stain to be a bit more challenging use a damp cloth with a liquid wool cleanser

3. Avoid too much water, if you decide to use a liquid cleanser then use the froth on the top of the water only

4. Comb the wool whilst it is still damp, this will also help to restore it back to its original soft and fluffy state

5. Hanging your sheepskin over two lines and keep it away from direct sunlight or artificial heat such as radiators and fan heaters

6. When your sheepskin is almost dry, stretch it out by hand in all directions and again to help it return to its original shape


Hill Sheepskins

Avoid strong direct sunlight. Avoid damp or wet conditions to prevent damage to the leather pelt. Brush regularly to help maintain and bring out the best in the wool fibres. Small stains and light soiling can be spot cleaned with a clean damp cloth and diluted sheepskin shampoo. Hand or machine wash in cool water (30°C) using a suitable sheepskin shampoo (some wool detergents contain phosphates and alkalis which can damage and stiffen the pelt). Machine wash on a gentle wool cycle. Please note, machine or hand washing may affect the appearance of the natural wool fibres and the leather pelt. We recommend shaking and brushing before washing to reduce the risk of tangles. After washing, while still wet brush with either a wire wool brush or comb to help restore its appearance and lift fibres. Dry flat where possible. For more thorough cleaning we recommend dry cleaning (always consult your specialist cleaner before handing it over to be cleaned!).

Icelandic Sheepskins

We advise the use of a suitable diluted sheepskin shampoo to clean your sheepskin. Dilute the liquid with water and create a foam/froth. Use this foam with a clean cloth to gently rub away any stains. Avoid over wetting. Dab dry with a clean cloth then place the skin on a flat surface and leave to dry naturally. Never dry clean or machine wash. Don't put in dryers or expose to heat sources. Please note that with dyed Sheepskins colour transfer may occur. Gently brush or fluff with a wide tooth comb when completely dry. Do not over brush as it can spoil the appearance of your rug.


New Zealand Sheepskins

The tanning process of your rug allows for it to be both handwashed and machine washed with a mild liquid detergent and on a low temperature no higher than 40C. Avoid soap and washing powders containing enzymes or bleach or alkaline based products. Dry your sheepskin outside naturally, avoiding direct sunlight or tumble dry on the cool setting as excessive heat damage will damage the sheepskin. Avoid placing it on a radiator or in front of a fan heater. Once dry the sheepskin may revert back to its original natural state but you can help this by brushing the wool whilst it is wet and again when it is dry using a wire pet brush or comb. Your sheepskin can also be professionally dry-cleaned using either white spirits or perchloroethylene.



If you are wanting to store your sheepskin away, placing it in a cool airy environment away from the direct sunlight and not in a plastic bag will help the sheepskin fibres to breathe and avoid condensation damage.