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How to Use Dining Furniture to Make Your Home Cosy

How to Use Dining Furniture to Make Your Home Cosy

How to Use Dining Furniture to Make Your Home Cosy

Your home should make you feel warm, comfortable and most importantly, cosy. Known for being the welcoming centre of the house, the dining room is crucial to this rule. Whether you’re hosting dinner parties or dining solo, interiors need to work hard to create a snug and inviting atmosphere. In this blog, we’re sharing four ways that dining room furniture can make your home cosy.


1. Consider a round dining table

When it comes to selecting the right dining table, round is often best if you're looking to create a cosy, engaging space for guests to feel at home. Dining tables with round edges and corners help to soften a space, making it feel more welcoming for hosting. Round dining tables also allow guests to sit as one in an intimate setting - there’s no hierarchy or ‘head of the table’ which helps to make guests feel more comfortable. A round dining table like our Marley Round Dining Table is the perfect solution. Crafted from European oak, this beautifully designed wooden table makes an ideal place to connect with family and friends.

Wood round dining table and 4 black chairs Marley Dining Table
Glass vase with artificial flowers Taps Glass Vase

2. Choose your dining chairs carefully

Designing a cosy place to sit is one of the most important aspects when creating the perfect hosting space. A welcoming atmosphere means nothing if you are feeling uncomfortable. Choosing the right chairs for a dining table isn’t just about appearance, they need to provide functionality and comfort too. We would recommend opting for an upholstered dining chair as they provide plush padding and there are a variety of textures to choose from including velvet, linen, and leather. If you’re looking to upgrade your space with the dining chairs you already have, you can add a cosy Sheepskin Rug on top or Cushions to bring softness. Available in a selection of calming colour shades from light grey to teal, our velvet Chase Upholstered Dining Chairs are soft, stylish and snug. 


3. Keep comfort free

Being comfortable goes deeper than just seating. Consider adding extra layers with different textiles to provide soft texture underfoot. Adding a rug isn’t just a great style choice, it also brings practicality. Putting a rug under the dining table protects the floor from scratches and soaks up any spillages that could potentially damage the floor underneath. When choosing the right rug for the dining room you should consider the colour and material - a light-coloured rug will show signs of dirt quicker and a high pile rug will start to matt with repeated walking and chair movement. To add to the comfort and texture around your dining room, blankets can also be laid out ready for use when the evening is drawing to a close. These could be draped over dining benches to give a little more character. Pair a rug like our Mehari Striped Multi Brown Rug with a Paulo Corner Bench to create a space that feels as good as it looks.

Upholstered grey dining chairs Chase Upholstered Dining Chair (Set of 2) - Light Grey
Brown leather dining bench with yellow cushions Paulo Corner Bench – Anthracite

4. Dress the dining table

Table scaping is the finishing touch to create a welcoming space. A bare table can feel cold and lacking in the textural layering which helps to bring that cosy feel. Bring in the essentials like tablecloths and placemats, which will protect your table, as well as statement pieces such as a Vase and Artificial Flowers. Candles can also be used to create ambience, working especially well when combined with Lamps for mood lighting.

Now you’re ready to use your dining furniture to create a perfectly cosy space. Prepare your dining room today and browse our extensive range of products.

13th November 2023

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