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7 Ways to Match Your Dining Room Furniture with Your Flooring

7 Ways to Match Your Dining Room Furniture with Your Flooring

7 Ways to Match Your Dining Room Furniture with Your Flooring

When paired correctly, flooring and furniture can unite as the perfect combination. In this blog we’ve partnered with luxury wood flooring specialists Ted Todd to bring you seven ways to match your dining room furniture with your flooring.

Should your dining room furniture match your floors?

Matching your dining room furniture with your flooring can create the aesthetic of an excellent, neat and well-styled space. Colour, materials and practicality are just some of the important factors to be considered. Read on to find out how you can construct a coordinated dining room.

How do you match your dining room furniture with your flooring?

The first step to matching your dining room furniture with your flooring is planning. Each detail must be outlined in order to ensure that the space is completely aligned. Below, we’ve listed seven ways to bring co-ordination into the heart of the home.

1. Consider the feel

How your dining room makes people feel is incredibly important as it sets the tone for the gathering. Laura Lambert, Ted Todd’s marketing brand manager comments, “A relaxing atmosphere can enhance your dining experience, making your guests feel more comfortable and calmer. For this reason, consider using a cool palette across your flooring and dining room furniture.” This means pairing versatile dining chairs with arms such our Twist Dining Chair in Teal, with grey wood flooring like Ted Todd’s Flax Flooring.

2. Use a visual separator

Using the same material for your dining room furniture and your flooring can sometimes blend the two aspects together in the mind’s eye. Placing a rug, like our Traditional Rugs, between the dining room table and the floor can differentiate both flooring and furniture. This can allow you to appreciate both factors individually as focal points of the room. Rugs can also protect your dining room floor, particularly wood floor like Ted Todd’s Brampton Flooring, from any scrapes and damage.

3. Prioritise practicality

Practicality is always the most important factor. Laura Lambert says, “if you frequently entertain guests your flooring should be manufactured from strong and durable materials to withstand heavy footfall. We would recommend opting for hardwood flooring such as Santi Herringbone.” You can also take further preventative measures against damage by choosing chairs that won’t scrape the floor, such as our Paulo Corner Bench. Our dining benches can be positioned in a way that they don’t need to be pulled out, making them an ideal choice.

Teal upholstered velvet swivel dining chair Twist Dining Chair – Teal
Brown leather dining bench with yellow cushions Paulo Corner Bench – Anthracite

4. Find the balance

Often it can be difficult to decide where to position the matching features of your dining room. Taking visual balance into consideration can make a room feel more put-together. For example, choosing a feature that hangs high up in the room like our Marley Round Mirror can complement wood flooring, such as Ted Todd’s Holton Flooring, down below. As well as materials, this tip is also applicable to coordinating colours.

5. Don’t go against the grain

When bringing wood into your dining room, always go with the flow of the grain. The wood grain is the pattern within the wood and is slightly different in various wood types. Open grain patterns have large pores, appearing in pine, elm, ash and oak. Alternatively, closed grain patterns have smaller pores and are prominent in wood like maple and cherry. Wooden dining furniture with open grain matches well with wooden flooring with open grain, and vice versa. Lambert comments that, “you should also ensure that your Wooden Dining Table’s grain runs the same way as your flooring, to give a sleek, polished look and even make your dining room look bigger.”

6. Manage your undertones

All wood flooring has an undertone, which can be either warm, cool or neutral. You should pay attention to this when choosing your dining room furniture. If the flooring has a warm undertone, like Ted Todd’s Wiston Flooring, use dining room furniture in colours like red, yellow and orange. If the flooring has a cooler undertone, like Ted Todd’s Haldon Flooring, match this with grey or blue furniture such as our Ripley Dining Chair. This technique can help the different features of your space to work in harmony together.

7. Don’t overdo it

No matter what, when styling ensure that you keep the personality of your dining room. Matching every single element of your space can look too polished and remove the character from your environment. Accessorize your dining room with individual elements like Artificial Flowers, Candles and Wall Art to complete your aesthetic.

Wooden dining table with 6 brown chairs Harlow 240cm Dining Table & 6 Hardy Dining Chairs – Grey
Upholstered grey dining chairs Ripley Dining Chair - Truffle (Set of 2)

How do you coordinate wood floors with dining room furniture?

Before you bring any new dining room furniture into a space, your flooring must first be considered. The most versatile solution is wood flooring, which has timeless traits that allow it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. Read on to uncover how to coordinate wood floors with dining room furniture.

Dark wood dining room furniture with dark wood floors

Matching dark wood furniture with dark wood floors can create a beautiful dramatic effect, alongside making a statement. One way to emulate this look is to pair a Harlow Dining Table Set with a dark oak flooring like Ted Todd’s Stonewash Chevron. To balance this aesthetic, keep the walls and soft furnishings a light, neutral tone.

Light wood dining room furniture with light wood floors

Smaller dining rooms can appear larger with this combination. Pairing light wood furniture with light floors can create a light, airy and welcoming space. We would recommend choosing wood dining room furniture, which is slightly darker than the flooring, to avoid making the room appear too bland. One combination could be an Urban Dining Table Set with Ted Todd’s Haling Flooring.

Callum Dining Chair - Dark Grey (Set of 2)
Tan brown dining chairs with wooden dining table Urban 180-240cm Dining Table & 4 Digby Dining Chairs - Tan

Light wood dining room furniture with dark wood floors

Contrasting light wood furniture with dark wood floors can create a colour blocking effect. Ted Todd’s Laura Lambert comments, “dark wood flooring can help to shine a spotlight on the dining room furniture, allowing it to stand out against a dark background. This also helps to create balance in the home, without an overwhelming sense of matching.”

Modern dining room furniture with herringbone wood flooring

Modern dining room furniture and herringbone wood flooring often go hand-in-hand. Pairing patterned furniture with this flooring choice can make your space look too busy. Instead, opt for simple furniture styles to tie the room together. One way to do this is by pairing our Callum Dining Chair sets with Ted Todd’s Paperback Herringbone.

Versatile dining room furniture with plank wood flooring

Create the illusion of a bigger space with these furniture and flooring solutions. Long plank flooring can visually enlarge the room and extendable dining tables can adapt so that you can make the most of your space. For example, our Adelaide Large Extendable Dining Table could complement Ted Todd's Furrow Plank, from their Warehouse Collection.

Paperback Herringbone Flooring from Ted Todd

Herringbone Flooring

Furrow Plank Flooring from Ted Todd

Furrow Plank

We hope that we have provided all the advice that you need to go ahead and match your dining room furniture with your flooring. Perfect your dining room with products from Woods and Ted Todd today by browsing the websites.

7th November 2023

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