What to look for when buying a new bed and mattress

What to look for when buying a new bed and mattress

As we all know by now, the foundation for a good night’s sleep is the bed which you retreat to each evening! What you sleep on should offer comfort and support and is the cornerstone to a good night’s sleep. It’s important you regularly check to make sure your bed is still providing you with the optimum comfort.

Not having enough support from your mattress, can lead to poor sleeping posture, which in turn can cause tiredness and fatigue. Do you wake up with aches and pains, that ease off through the day? Then maybe it’s time to think about buying a new bed

So, how do I know I need a new mattress?

According to the UK Sleep Council, signs you may need a new mattress are:

  • You wake up with stiffness or aches and pains
  • You’ve had your mattress for over seven years
  • You’ve had a better night’s sleep in a different bed
  • Your mattress is showing signs of wear and tear (i.e. it sags or is lumpy)

How to choose a new bed and mattress

We know that sometimes you need a little help when it comes to buying a new bed. You might not know it, but there’s lots to consider when choosing a new bed and mattress. There are so many factors that often don’t get thought about, so here’s all the information about what to look for and what different types are available.

To help you understand, we’ve put together these tips on how to choose a new bed and mattress, which will help you on your way to finding your perfect bed and for a perfect night’s sleep.

How to choose a new bed and mattress

What to look for in a new mattress:

Things to consider when buying a new mattress:

  • Correct support - This depends on your weight, height, build and preferred sleeping position. Ideally the mattress should mould to the shape of your body whilst remaining supportive.
  • Spinal positioning - When you lie on your side your spine should be horizontal. You should be able to turn fairly easily. As a general rule, the heavier you are, the firmer the tension you will need. You don’t necessarily need a hard bed if you have a bad back.
  • Tension - Most mattresses are available in firm, medium and soft options. The heavier you are the firmer the tension you will need. Try different options to be sure which is best for you.

How do I know I need  a new mattress

  • Comfort – Comfort is subjective for your own sleeping needs. Some people like the sensation of being cocooned in a bed; others prefer to lie on top of them. Back sleepers may like a firmer feel than people who sleep on their sides. There are lots of different ‘feels’ around – you can choose what works best for you.
  • For partners of differing size, weight and comfort needs, different mattresses may be required. Some beds are made by zipping two single mattresses together, which can be of differing tension – check out our zip and link beds.

Other things to consider when buying a new mattress

  • Allergies - Always check details of construction and materials if you suffer from any allergies. Some manufacturers are now using anti-dust mite treated fabrics for tickings.
  • Climate control - Memory foam is a good insulator and the higher the density (i.e. the better the quality) the greater the potential heat retention. If your body temperature tends be on the warm side, look for natural fillings such as cotton for its ability to breathe and to absorb moisture.
  • Size matters - Ensure you buy the same size mattress as the base. There are so many different sizes on the market these days, it is important to check actual dimensions, in the same scale to be sure of a size match. Don’t go by names alone – one shop’s king size may not be the same another’s!
  • Buy a bed base and mattress together - At the very least, make sure you try mattresses on a similar type of base. The two are designed to work together and a change of base will affect the feel and performance of the mattress. Check out our mattress and divan sets.

Where to buy a new bed and mattress

Where to buy a new bed and mattress

National Bed Month is the perfect time to buy a new bed and mattress – we have an extensive range available online and in-store, plus during the month of March you can get 20% off with our exclusive BED20 discount code. Buy a new bed and mattress online, on our website.

For further help with buying a new bed and mattress, visit our Bed Department in our Dorchester showroom where our dedicated Bed Experts will advise you on the best mattress for you and your budget.

12th March 2019

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