How To Make A Grey Living Room Cosy

How To Make A Grey Living Room Cosy

Here are 3 cosy home interior design ideas for how to make a grey living room cosy and warm…

The general rule of thumb for choosing cosy living room colours is to steer clear of the cooler end of the colour spectrum in order to focus on warm and neutral shades. However, it is still possible to make a grey living room cosy.

Here's a great example of how to make a room cosy using grey and blue shades:

Grey Furniture

Grey furniture is really popular right now and we just love the warm contrast of the bare oak tops on the Bilbury grey painted furniture, pictured here.

Despite the cool colour scheme, there are many elements that bring subtle hints of warmth and cosiness into this blue and grey living room. Warm oatmeal upholstery and cushioning of the sofa, with plump, soft velvet scatter cushions - the blue jewel tone really pops here. The texture of the rug, carpeting and wicker baskets, even the wall art. And the Bilbury bookcase personalised with ornaments, vases and trinkets, which all help to add warmth to the room.

Upholstered, button-back furniture like the Grace sofa collection is a great way to a warm and cosy living room. With the sofas positioned at right angles to each other, it creates a sense of togetherness. The neutral base here is fantastic as it allows for nuances of warmth - the striped cushions, orange velvet footstool and luxuriously fluffy sheepskin bring warmth into the space, without it feeling overpowering. And the warm tone of the wood flooring is simply beautiful, bringing the whole room together perfectly.

Here, the use of solid wood furniture from our Como oak furniture collection, gives a fantastic warmth to this space. The bookshelves arranged with books, ornaments, vases and plants adds personality and warmth. The soft lines of the Grace button-back sofa are beautifully complemented with a mixture of plain and stripe scatter cushions, and a gorgeously fluffy grey sheepskin throw. And the grey patterned rug adds texture and warmth under foot.

We love the use of stylish patterns and textures in this living room. Placed at right-angles to each other, the contrasting Genesis plain and striped sofas with their sumptuous cushions offer real comfort for sofa snuggling. The simple yet stunning coffee table with bare oak top adds a warm contrast to the cool shades, complemented with a thick pile white rug, which adds fantastic texture and warmth under foot. And the pair of Neptune Paris monochrome framed prints, hung at eye level on an accent wall helps bring the room in.


Now you know how to make a grey living room cosy and warm, why not check out our range of grey furniture for your living room…

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23rd January 2019

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