Buy quality, Buy peace of mind, buy Ercol.

Buy quality, Buy peace of mind, buy Ercol.

Lets just all take a minute to appreciate the Ercol 1960s studio couch...

Ercol Studio Couch

With the smooth curvature of the frame, expertly tapered spindles, beautifully arched arm and superior elm back, its perfection in design. The iconic daybed is one of a collection of pieces that have stood the test of time and form part of the Originals Collection.

The studio couch is as versatile and functional as it is beautiful. And that in itself is what Ercol do so well; comfort, beauty and functionality. It is what has seen the classic furniture company continue to be as popular today as it was since it was founded by Lucian Ercoloni in the early 1920s.



Although a heritage company, (Ercoloni himself trained with Harry Parker, who later founded Parker Knoll), Ercol are arguably more on trend now than ever. The current interiors desire for mid century modernism shows no intention of fading, and has embedded itself as no longer just a trend but a permanent interior style aesthetic. Simple lines, pure form and function; Ercol lead the way along with Eames and Jacobsen in an innovative design movement that is still evident in today's contemporary design. In fact, it is hard to imagine that a lot of the leading furniture design companies today would be making what they are without the these previous pioneers in design.



Ercol Favara Sofa Collection

Ercol Favara Sofa

Today, the company's endeavour to continually evolve with how we live today, whilst maintaining Ercols quality and craftsmanship has led to fresh new collections that perfectly amalgamate the contemporary with mid century elegance.

The Favara sofa is a great example of this. With it's clean lines, sleek profile and iconic angled leg, each piece in the Favara range is designed to be viewed from every angle. In fact, with its exposed smooth, solid oak frame; the Favara chair is almost more stunning from the back! Making it the perfect statement piece for any open-planned room.

The comfortable and contemporary Favara is available in a fresh new collection of trend-led fabrics, and likely to be a strong contender to the already hugely popular Ercol Gela, Cosenza and Marinello collections. See them for yourself at our High East Street and Brewery Square showrooms.



The Favara collection is just one of many brand new and exciting new pieces from Ercol arriving with us soon. Key pieces to look out for are the Ballatta desk and Capena dining collection.

Ercol Ballatta Desk
Ercol Capena Dining Furniture

Along with their own artisan in-house design team, Ercol have commissioned some of the best in British design talent to bring you some truly outstanding furniture. Keep an eye out on our social media for news of new arrivals!



Buy quality. Buy once.

Many of our customers; who for years have shopped with Woods and continue to do so, subscribe to the adage of - Buy quality. Buy once. Ercol are certainly one of the brands we stock that support that ethos!

We have many customers coming into the store to buy additional pieces to complement some Ercol Windsor pieces for example that they have had for decades. Equally, it is a brand that brings new people into our store and onto our website. Who are perhaps just furnishing their first home, and are drawn to the modern Scandinavian aesthetic of Ercol, and have searched online to find that we have been showcasing their collection this whole time.

Ercol Cosenza Sofa
Ercol Marino Chair

At our Brewery square store, the contemporary Cosenza sofa has been a firm customer favourite since the store first opened two years ago, and don't even get me started on the Marino chair! With its flawless design, and showcasing the classic steam bent arm in solid ash that Ercol is so associated with, It is a personal favourite and I could talk about that chair all day!

Ercol Originals

Ercol describe its Originals Collection as; "as relevant and functional now as it was when it was created in the 1950's and 1960's". And this is so true. It is further proof that beautiful quality design is timeless. And Ercol is as fresh and exciting to those who are just discovering them now in 2018, as it is to those who have been admiring this British classic since the beginning.


22nd November 2018

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