The heart of your home is in a shabby chic dining table

The heart of your home is in a shabby chic dining table

Here's the simple truth, dinner spreads love. Start your mealtimes just as you wish to end them, simply filled with all things nice! We suggest your mealtimes start with your shabby chic dining table, a beautiful piece, that's set to become the heart of your home. Shabby chic dining room furniture is painted in fresh pops of colour, with bits of its wood left exposed, to create a relaxing and homely feel. A great place to bring your whole family together, for sharing a nourishing meal, and to create memories you'll cherish forever. If you love sharing mealtimes with your loved ones just as much as we do, you'll love our selection of shabby chic dining tables and chairs...


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It all started with a shabby chic dining table 

'The heart of your home is a shabby chic dining table'
- Woods Furniture Buying Team

Make your house a beautiful home. Start with a blank canvas, before choosing your shabby chic dining table. It's the most wonderful way, to transform your dining room, into a space with a heart and a soul...


To nourish a beautiful family  

'Feeding people brings nourishment not only to our bodies but to our spirits'
- Shauna Niequist

There is no better feeling than going home to eat soulful food with your family. And a shabby chic dining room, with beautifully painted furniture in pale shades, is just the perfect setting for your mealtimes to begin... 


For memories you'll cherish for a lifetime

'A shabby chic dining room is a picture worth a thousand words, but the memories you'll get from it will be priceless '
- Woods Furniture Buying Team

 You'll create many stunning family memories with your shabby chic dining table and chairs, ones you'll want to cherish for an eternity...


 A perfect ending to your dining story,

It all started with a shabby chic dining table,

And ended with a family nourished with all things nice.


shabby chic dining table and chairs is the way to the heart of your home. Creating a shabby chic dining room, helps you to keep your family well nourished. Whilst at the same time, you'll also create memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime, as you relax and dine in shabby chic style... If you've loved the soul of this post, we'd love you to check out our other shabby chic blog posts, for other ideas and styles that might just tickle your fancy. And you'll also want to keep yourself updated on future blogs, by signing up to our email newsletters. You can do this at the bottom of this page, and we'll keep you in the loop with our latest Woods Furniture blogs, news and special sales. So don't miss out, we'd love you to join us...

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11th April 2018

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