Simply sophisticated traditional rugs: A woven tale of a million threads

Simply sophisticated traditional rugs: A woven tale of a million threads
'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - da Vinci

So often in life we tend to complicate things… making life harder than it needs to be. Balancing busy work and social schedules, believing that sophistication will lead us to better results. But it doesn’t. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And your home is the foundation for simplicity. One simple traditional rug draped over your bare floor, can transform your home life. You’ll turn an empty and lifeless space, into one of refinement and culture. Leaving your home space, as that one place where you don’t need to complicate things.  Less is more, when it comes to home interior styling with your traditional rugs. Now, the Woods Furniture buying team wish to introduce you to our new selection of sophisticated extra large rugs for sale. And if you stay tuned, at the bottom of the page we'll tell you about the next instalment in our blog series on rugs, and how you can sign-up as a member with us. Or...

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A da Vinci traditional rug story

Artist Leonardo da Vinci was a man who knew how to create simple masterpieces.

And the small team of five Belgium based traditional rug designers that we work with, are the ones responsible for bringing to your living spaces, da Vinci inspired masterpieces that won't cost you the earth...


'The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding' - da Vinci


Because we understand how important it is to you to create a beautiful home... we make it the job of our Woods Furniture buying team to ensure you get only the best in traditional rug quality and craftmanship when buying from us. 

da Vinci red and blue patterned rug prices from £89

Grey da Vinci traditional rug

A woven tale of colourful yarns

Extra large rugs for sale in black and grey

Rug weaving is a process that extends almost 27,000 years back in history.

All of our da Vinci extra large rugs for sale, have been woven using ultra fine yarn and age old techniques in Belgium.

Here in your rugs birthplace, only 100% renewable energy sources are used to produce your masterpiece. 

Traditional rug weaving Our da Vinci extra large rugs for sale are woven using colourful high quality yarns that are interlaced together.


da Vinci black and grey patterned rug prices from £189


A million threads is how this legend ends

Grey da Vinci traditional rug
'Nothing can be love or hated, unless it is first known' - da Vinci

da Vinci patterned grey rug prices from £189


It's good to know that your large traditional rug, has 1,000,000 weave points per square metre. Imagine all these woven tufts coming together to form the patterns on your sophisticated da Vinci inspired rug. You can just see how much effort goes into producing each individual masterpiece. These large traditional rugs also have a shorter pile height, at 11mm. The shorter your pile, the greater the durability of your rug. An 11mm pile means that your rug will withstand a lot of foot traffic, and is less prone to pile crushing and matting.


A da Vinci inspired traditional rug. A simple sophisticated masterpiece. That won't cost you the earth. And the good news is that we don't just do large traditional rugs, we have an extensive range of modern, patterned, plain, large and runner rugs. So you'll have lots to choose from. And, if you stay tuned with us by signing up for our newsletter below you'll be the first to know about our next blog on modern rugs. When you sign-up, you'll recieve a special discount code to use against your first purchase with us...

6th April 2018

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