Oak Furniture Series: Modern Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture Series: Modern Oak Furniture

Popular now in UK homes, solid oak furniture, is the defined style made to last! Distinguished and simple - modern oak furniture designs embrace an uncluttered minimalist style. With utility in mind, modern oak designs are ultra durable, offering you loyalty and a long-lasting companionship. A break from traditional pre-industrial styles, modern solid oak furniture reflects a specific time period, between the 1920s – 1950s. And unlike oak contemporary furniture, modern styles are static, and will remain so forever. Our modern oak furniture ranges are hand-picked by our Dorchester based team with you in mind. So that you get the best in quality, we ensure that your oak furniture is crafted to the highest possible standard. At the heart of everything we do, is helping to make your daily living a more comfortable experience. With our tightly-knit team, you know that you are in a safe pair of hands with Woods.

To help you create your very own sanctuary, our team has compilled a list of their favourite modern oak furniture pieces, that we know you are going to love! So, now is your time to sit back, grab a cuppa, and look at these modern oak furniture ideas that are just oozing stylish obode...

Modern Oak Dining Table & Chairs

Siena oak dining table and chairs

Sienna oak dining table and chairs

Ultra chic utility, your modern oak dining table and chairs, brings style to every mealtime. Modern is all about clean and simple lines, with little embellishment or adornment. Super sleek, see for yourself how this dining set brings about feelings of calm, with its clean and fresh appearance. Chunky and well-made, your modern oak dining table and chairs, is ultra durable and will withstand the test of time. Protected with a light lacquer finish, that helps to preserve your wood. And allows the natural grain to softly shine through. Dining should be relaxed, and modern oak certainly makes you feel as if you are taking your summer vacation strolling through the Grande Dune du Pilat (tallest sand dunes in Europe). Create your very own dining room utopia...

Go all out modern with these...

Sienna oak wine cabinet     Artificial zebra grass  


Modern Solid Oak Sideboard

Siena modern solid oak sideboard

Sienna solid oak sideboard

A signature of oak modern styles, is the use of natural materials. And modern furniture is often open and raised off the floor, allowing for a light and airy feel. To create a relaxed bohemian feel, team your Siena solid oak sideboard up with wicker baskets and seasonal greens. Don’t you just love how uncomplicated this modern solid oak sideboard really is? Forget the stresses and strains of daily life, and escape with it into its gentle and serene natural environment. Just like taking a walk with us through Woods, pun intended...

Get the modern look...

 Neptune wicker basket Siena large oak mirror     White vase


Oak Modern Bedroom Furniture 

Siena oak modern bedroom furniture

Oak modern bedroom furniture

Your Siena oak modern bedroom furniture, encapsulates a truly relaxed Scandinavian style. If you are serious about making your home a stylish place to respite, then this is the furniture that you need in your home. Chosen to reflect your modern lifestyle, Siena’s range of modern bedroom furniture, is both practical and stylish. It helps you show your friends and family how proud you really are of your home. And best of all, it is designed to last.

Siena solid oak beds

Modern solid oak beds, have understated clean lines, and are built for maximum utility. Minimalism is a key component of modern oak furniture designs, achieving the most from the least. Solid oak beds, are designed for a good night's sleep. Your oak framed base, is supportive. And actually is also a bit springy, so makes for softer landing than your traditional solid divan base.

Add a hint of warm modern romance...

Grey throw           Pink artificial roses          Pure wool cushion

 Siena modern solid oak chest of drawers

Ultra durable and protected, your solid oak chest of drawers is finished in a light lacquer to help you preserve your wood. Sleek chrome handles, make your solid oak chest of drawers easy to open and close. So storage is made easy. In modern styling, less is more. Clutter free spaces. Help you to cleanse your mind. Dovetailed joints, are crafted to hold for a lifetime. See for yourself how sleek our Siena range is, boasting beautiful curves and stunning natural grains, we know that you will love it as much as we do. 

Sienna modern oak chest of drawers

 Dovetailed joints, the mightiest of all...

Oak chest of draws dovetailed joints


Keep your modern oak furniture looking its best...

Don't worry, you can even cover your solid oak pieces against accidental damage, with our Guardsman Protection Plan. You will get cover for five years to help protect you against spills, burns, gouges and even accidental scratches. No matter how careful you are, we understand that accidents happen. Don't sweat it! We have a plan. To help you ease the pressure. And keep your wood protected. Just ask us about it, and we will let you know the details.  

Stay tuned...

Be sure to catch next month’s blog, the final part in our Solid Oak Furniture Series on Rustic Oak Furniture, where we will discuss what it means to be rustic. And we will also give you some rustic styling inspiration, that we know is a style that is becoming evermore popular in stylish UK homes today! 


9th February 2018

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