17 Ways in Which You Can Use a Sheepskin Rug

17 Ways in Which You Can Use a Sheepskin Rug

It’s certainly cold right now, with the UK experiencing some of the harshest weather we’ve had in a very long time. Even with the heating on full, it’s still tempting to wrap up as warm as possible indoors with extra layers and comforts that help to create a cosy environment for you and your family.

One way in which you can really add a touch of warmth to your home is with a sheepskin rug, such as the ones that we sell on our website. Sheepskin rugs are perfect for keeping areas of your home warm, but what is so often overlooked is that they don’t just have to be placed on the floor.

A sheepskin rug can be used in a variety of ways and in different environments to create a stunning look and feel. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at 17 ways in which you could use a sheepskin rug this winter, with some surprising uses you may not have thought of before.

1. Use as a Soft Landing in Nursery

Some of our sheepskin rugs offer a robust texture and depth that makes them ideal for use in a baby’s room or nursery. Simply place it on the floor or next to a bed and cot to create a soft and warm area or to use as a play mat.

2. Use as a Bath Mat in a Bathroom

Our Icelandic sheepskin rugs offer a luxurious, soft, and silky feel under your feet and so are just perfect for bathrooms. Step out of a nice warm bath this winter onto soft sheepskin, just like they do in Iceland – and they sure know how to combat cold weather in that country.

Sheepskin Throw for Sofa

3. Use as a Throw or Blanket

We advertise our larger sheepskin rugs as throws too, because that’s one of the more popular ways in which they are used. On a cold winter’s evening you can wrap one of our double or large oversized sheepskins  around you, or even the two of you to create a cosy feel on your sofa. Click here to view our range of throws.

4. Use to Soften Up the Edges of a Room

Sheepskin rugs can work perfectly when draped over other furniture in your living room, especially those that are harder-edged. It will certainly increase the comfort levels and can look very stylish too, whilst keeping things cosy this winter.

5. Use to Cover an Uncomfortable Chair

Speaking of those harder edges, do you have a chair in your living room or bedroom that’s uncomfortable but you just can’t bear to get rid of? Well that’s where a sheepskin rug can come in handy, as you simply throw it over the piece of furniture to transform it into a more comfortable seat.

6. Use to Add Colour and Texture to a Room

Perhaps your living room or bedroom needs a dash of colour or texture to brighten things up? Rooms that are all white can certainly benefit from the lift that a coloured sheepskin rug or throw can add. Take a look at one of our rare breed sheepskins, all of which are 100% unique and come with different colour patterns.

7. Use as a Bed Underlay for Amazing Warmth

The warmth that sheepskin offers is unrivalled, in particular with our rare breed sheepskin rugs where the sheep have lived in cold and remote conditions. In places such as the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands where the sheep live, heat retention is essential. Buy a large sheepskin rug and place it under the sheets to create the warmest bed you’ve ever experienced. Ideal for young children and adults alike.

8. Use as a Throw on Bed

Sheepskin rugs can also be used on top of the bed too. Place one at the foot of your bed over your quilt to create a cosy warm space to keep your toes nice and toasty. If you have a pet, it’s also a great place for them lie on whilst you sleep.

Sheepskin Throws

9. Use as a Warm Bed for Your Pets

Talking of pets, if you love your cat or dog, then why not treat them to a sheepskin rug bed. Buy one of our smaller sheepskins to use either in your pet’s bed, or in the living room for them to lie down on and keep warm – preferably in front of an open fire!

10. Use as a Comfortable Car Seat

Taking a quick break from using sheepskin rugs in your home, how about in your car? Drape a larger rug or throw over your seat to create a warm and comfortable driving experience.

11. Use as a Runner to Enhance a Narrow Hallway

If you have a slim or narrow hallway, then you might be surprised at the optical illusion that can be created by placing a sheepskin rug on the floor. It can help to break up the space and can even make the corridor or hallway look wider. Strange, but true.

12. Use to Make a Living Room Feel Cosier

Another tip relating to space, is to place a sheepskin rug underneath a coffee table in your living room. This can help to make the room feel cosier and makes a large living room feel a little more intimate.

13. Use as a Photo Back-Drop

In this age of social media, creating the perfect picture to share on Facebook or Instagram is an important consideration for many people. Sheepskin rugs make for stunning photo back-drops for close-up photography of babies and even products. It’s sure to increase those much-desired likes and shares…

Sheepskin Rugs and Sheepskin Throws for your Living room

14. Use to Upholster a Piece of Furniture

You can use sheepskin rugs and pelts to cover and upholster old pieces of furniture that you might want to add a new lease of life too. Sheepskin can make for a great cushion cover or can be used to cover an old foot stool for a lovely little addition to your living room.

15. Use as a Yoga Mat

Do you practice yoga? If so, then do away with the yoga mat and instead use a sheepskin rug. It’s a soft and comfortable surface that will help to support your yoga moves as well as helping to relieve any sore points on your body.

16. Use in a Home Office or at Your Computer Desk

With more and more people now working remotely and from home, it makes sense to make your working environment as comfortable as possible. Use a sheepskin rug on the floor, or as a throw over your uncomfortable office chair.

17. Use as a Rug… Obviously

And finally, the main reason that people buy sheepskin rugs is to lay them down on the floor in their home to create a great new look that comes with an amazing under the foot warmth and texture.

If you would like to find out more about our stunning range, then please click here to start shopping  now. All come with the Woods Furniture no quibble returns policy – but we are confident you won’t need to use that, especially given how many ways there are that you can use a sheepskin rug this winter.

7th February 2018

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