Oak Furniture Series: Painted Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture Series: Painted Oak Furniture

Comfy, cosy and characterful – don’t you just love painted oak furniture? As it welcomes you, with its homely look and feel. And invites you to whisk your mind away from the stresses of daily life, into its warm embrace. Evoking naturally serene farmhouse vibes, your painted oak furniture blesses your home with peace and relaxation. A long-term investment, painted oak is durable and will stay with you for a lifetime. As much as we adore painted oak furniture, we also care about the forests that your solid wood comes from. And we ensure that we comply with the latest EU timber regulations. Helping to stop illegal timber harvesting, and preserve the world’s forests. To find out more about EU Timber Regulations, go to the bottom of this page. But first, we have some oak painted furniture designs, the endearing and homey style, that we don’t want you to miss out on…


Painted Oak Bedroom Furniture 

Sonoma Oak Bedroom Furniture

Sonoma painted oak bedroom furniture

Furniture should be inviting, it should make you want to relax and stay for a while. Sonoma painted oak bedroom furniture, greets you with a certain kind of nostalgic feeling, and you know instantly that you are at home.  A mixture of oak and oak veneer, offer you durability. Whilst solid oak tops, bring you manor house style. Finished in stone grey, which is softly sophisticated and timeless. 

Painted oak bedroom furniture  Sonoma oak painted furniture

Effortless chrome handles, just float on these exquisite Sonoma painted oak bedroom furniture pieces, allows you to open and close with ease. Attractive and strong dovetailed joints, are the strongest of all joints, as they resist being pulled apart. 

Your wood comes from controlled sources, ensuring you the highest quality at competitive prices. And helps to combat the sale of illegal timber products, which has a lasting impact on our planet. According to a study carried out by researchers from the Institute of Forest Based Sector Economics, every year 13 million ha of forest is lost to deforestation across the globe. Forests are burned down, causing CO2 emissions which hasten the effects of climate change. Initial harvesting activities, open forests up to perpetual deforestation. Due to a lack of governance, these activities are often illegal and not subject to a sustainable forest management plan. The lasting effects on our planet includes a loss of biodiversity, carbon storage and desertification. At Woods, we ensure that your solid oak furniture comes from reliable and controlled sources. To find out more about EU Timber Regulations, go to the bottom of this page. 

Oregon Oak Bedroom Furniture

Oregon painted oak bedroom furniture

Look at how inviting this Oregon painted oak bedroom furniture set looks, teamed up with neutral coloured rugs, blankets and carpet. Doesn't it just make you want to curl up and go to sleep? Before you do, why not take a peek at the range for yourself? Go on, we are sure that you will adore it as much as we do! And if you are still unsure, we would love to talk to you! Give us a call, and our small and tightly-knit team will try their best to answer any questions that you might have. 


EU Timber Regulations

In 2013, the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR) were set in motion to ensure that timber harvesting practices were legal, and that they supported global sustainability and forest governance. Businesses, like us, that trade in timber and timber products must take thorough steps in ensuring that all timber products come from legal sources. Here at woods, we're obliged under the 2013 EUTR to keep up-to-date records on where we buy our timber products from. And, on top of this, additional information on our furniture suppliers. This helps to mitigate the global risk of the selling of illegally harvested timber. We are committed to ensuring that your painted oak furniture, comes from legitimate timber sources, helping to protect our natural environment from the devastating effects of illegal deforestation processes. To find out more go to: Regulations: timber and FLEGT licences

Be sure to catch our next oak furniture blog, Part Three in our Solid Oak Furniture Series on Modern Oak Furniture, where we will discuss what it means to be modern, along with some modern oak furniture design ideas that we know you will love!

6th February 2018

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