Small Space Living: Ways to Maximise Your Small Spaces

Small Space Living: Ways to Maximise Your Small Spaces

Small space living - does size really matter? Your short answer – no! Whether you live in a bijou apartment in the midst of a bustling metropole, or a three-floored quirky Georgian townhouse that has more character than actual square meterage, size doesn’t need to cause you a headache! How can you make your small spaces clutter free? Clutter causes stress. It has been proven. Research carried out on 32 California families, by the UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF), found that clutter has a huge impact on your self-esteem and mood. Busy lifestyle? Kids, workaholic, active social calendar – not enough hours in the day to tidy? Clutter not only makes your home feel smaller, but it has also been proven to make you feel bad too! But, don’t despair! Get on the road to clutter recovery, as you check out our small space living ideas, to help you maximise every nook in your home. Create spatial illusions. Maximise small spaces. Get storage ideas to save you space. Use mirrors to make more room. 


Small Space Living Spatial Illusions

Multi coloured small space living chest


Looking to create the illusion of space? Think about having a funky chest of drawers, like this one from our multi coloured chest collection, in your living room. Store away your living room paraphernalia. Or, use your chest as an art station for your child, clearing away stationary spills! Don't you just love how the front of each drawer is totally unique? Something for everyone. Our multi coloured chest collection, one design, different sizes. Suitable for most small space living arrangements.


Maximise Small Spaces

Skandi small spaces snuggler

Looking for a sofa that is designed for small spaces? Consider a snuggler sofa. Snuggler sofas, smaller than your average two-seater sofa, are great for positioning in the tiny nooks of your home. Your snuggler, is an ultra compact sofa, that allows you and your partner to cosy up together whilst not taking up too much space. Featured above, our snugglers and love seats, ideal for small spaces like room corners or small apartments. 


Malmo small spaces 2.5 seater sofa


Want a three-seater sofa, but don't have the space for one? How about a 2.5-seater sofa, designed with smaller spaces in mind, like this one featured above from our Malmo range. Great for your small family. Extra durable and super comfy, with its wooden frame and foam filled fabric seat pads, this is one space saving classic not to be missed. 


Small Space Ideas for Bedroom

Small space ideas ottoman bed


Possibly one of the best small space ideas for your bedroom, your storage ottoman. Spend less time tidying. And, more time doing the things that you love. Total versatility, ottoman beds combine a comfortable night's sleep, with super storage. Your ottoman really is a hidden gem, as your mattress lifts it reveals your underbed storage compartment, for all of your hidden treasures - clothes, books, toys, blankets, the list goes on...Your ottoman bed, one of those small space ideas, you won't want to live without! 


Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Need storage ideas for your small spaces? Consider this, your grandkids come over and within five minutes your home turns into a war zone, what do you do? Blankets strewn across the floor, toys strategically hidden in the cracks of your sofa, you start to think that you have entered a never-ending nightmare! Do you a) run for cover hoping that the mess will submerge as darkness falls, or b) search for a longer term solution that is going to save you time and stress? We think we have your solution.


Storage solution Southwold bench


Get chic with your small spaces! With a bench, that doubles up as a storage compartment, and a sideboard. Benches, like the one from the Southwold collection shown above, are totally utility maximising and versatile. Looking for storage ideas for your living or bedroom? Use your bench as extra seating, a toybox, blanket box, or even as an extra sideboard for your home. One bench. Multiple uses. Chunky wicker baskets, create a natural and calming feel. Drawing the mind away from the clutter of daily living, and towards a walk through the countryside with your wicker basket in hand ready to collect some fresh wild flowers!


Mirrors for Small Spaces

Neptune small spaces mirror


Get the butterfly effect, with mirrors for your small spaces. Correctly positioned, using mirrors can create the feeling of more space and character. Mirrors used in small spaces, can project light into darker corners of your home. Positioning your mirror adjacent to a window, can help to bounce the light across the room. Or placed on your small stairwell, like the Neptune mirror featured in the picture above, can create the illusion of a whole extra room. Blinding show! 

1st February 2018

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