Solid Oak Furniture Series: Contemporary Oak Furniture

Solid Oak Furniture Series: Contemporary Oak Furniture

Live life for the moment! With Contemporary Oak Furniture, the interior style made just for you! Reflective of its time, well-made, innovative and efficient - contemporary designs are ones that you know you can trust! Surpassing the test of time, trendy oak furniture styles have dovetailed their way out of World War Two, and are still going strong today! After the 90s, when contemporary art was being made in a state 'beyond history', contemporary styles became evermore popular amongst the uber trendy. Do you long for stunning oak furniture that will not only withstand the test of time, but that will also bring subtle hints of classical elegance to your home? Then contemporary oak designs are for you! Timelessly chic, simple yet elegant - now that's why you need to go contemporary!


Keep abreast with contemporary oak, as you feast your eyes on these ultimately divine style ideas that have been compassionately compiled especially for you. Classically sublime, here you will find some gorgeously delightful contemporary oak furniture pieces for your living, dining and bedroom, that aim to offer you the utmost in loyalty as well as the very best in quality craftmanship…


Contemporary Oak Living Room Furniture

Ercol Teramo Living Room Furniture

 Solid oak living room furniture

Casual sleek curved edges, clean lines, and deep dovetailed joints emphasize the simple style of this Contemporary Oak Living Room Furniture from the  Ercol Teramo range. A mixture of oak and oak veneer, these exquisite pieces have a classic overtone. Furniture maker Lucian Ercolani welcomed the 1944-5 utility restrictions that resulted from the Second World War, embracing the plainer contemporary oak furniture style and ‘fitness for purpose’ concepts that came along with it, as you can see in the picture above.


Trento Oak Living Room Furniture

Sleekly curved edges, delicately rounded handles, and overhanging tops are key features of this Contemporary Oak Living Room Furniture from the Trento range.  Finished in a natural light oak, these elegant pieces have a Danish style influence. Notably shaker style, oak furniture in this range epitomises shaker simplicity, purity and uncluttered living.


Contemporary Oak Dining Room Furniture

Ercol Bosco Oak Dining Room Furniture

Functional and robust, is classically how to describe your elegant Contemporary Oak Dining Room Furniture from the Ercol Bosco range. Key attributes of these stunning pieces include; attractive exposed finger joints, squarer and tactile pieces finished in a clear matt lacquer. Italian born Ercolini, founded the Ercol brand in 1920, only to become a household name in the 1950s with Ercol’s contemporary oak furniture designs. Ercol oak furniture is one of the only surviving British post-war furniture manufactures that is still going strong to this day.


Oak contemporary style ideas

Attractive exposed finger joints in the Ercol Bosco solid oak furniture range.


Contemporary Oak Bedroom Furniture

Ercol Teramo Oak Bedroom Furniture

Oak Bedroom Furniture

Uncomplicated effortless, your oak Bedroom Furniture by Ercol Teramo, is an honest addition to your home. 


 Solid oak desk

Smooth curved edges, and soft oval handles, see how the natural grain of the oak is allowed to shine through in this solid oak dressing table compassionately crafted by Ercol. 


Ercol Bosco Bedroom Furniture

Ercol Bosco Bedroom Furniture

Visually appealing, the super charming exposed finger joints in the Oak Bedroom Furniture from the Ercol Bosco range, add chic appeal to your simple yet elegant bedroom design. Finished in a clear matt lacquer, this design can easily be teamed up with bold coloured bed linen or wallpapers. Ercol contemporary oak furniture is crafted by Ercol furniture makers which have almost 100 years’ experience in making durable pieces that are designed to continually exist with you in this very moment!

Be sure to catch next month’s blog, Part Two in our Solid Oak Furniture Series on Modern Oak Furniture, where we will discuss what it means to be modern, along with some modern oak furniture design ideas that we know you will love!

19th January 2018

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