Sheepskin Hides for Sale – Explore the Entire Range

Sheepskin Hides for Sale – Explore the Entire Range

Woods Furniture is fast-becoming a UK leader when it comes to luxurious and genuine sheepskin hides for sale. We have a wide range in stock, all of which are available to purchase online via our store in Dorchester, Dorset – or on our website. To view the current deals available, please click the link below to see all sheepskin hides. 

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What Are Sheepskin Hides?

Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, sometimes also called lambskin. Unlike common leather, sheepskin is tanned with the fleece intact, as in a pelt (which we have previously blogged about). 

There are various sheepskin hides for sale on the Woods Furniture website. Below you can find out a little bit more about each one which might help you decide which you should buy. 

Jacob Sheepskin Hides 

Jacobs are rare breed sheep, with our hides coming from those which roam freely in areas of the UK including Dartmoor and Exmoor. We stock different colours and sizes, with all hides we sell being bi-products of the meat industry… meaning none have been bred for their skin. 

Jacob sheepskin hides come from small horned sheep, and tend to be spotted. The fleece is renowned for being very soft and luxurious – with every single hide being unique due to the spotted patterns these sheep have. 

Icelandic Sheepskin Hides 

Our Icelandic sheepskin hides are also bi-products of the meat industry, with none of them being bred for their skins. Their hides are long and soft, with a shaggy texture – this is due to their cold environment in Iceland, meaning they develop two coats simultaneously. 

Icelandic sheepskin hides are very popular in the UK due to the way in which they feel and look. It’s without doubt one of the most sought-after products we range in our sheepskin rug collections. 

New Zealand Sheepskin Hides 

Our final collection is from New Zealand. We only stock 100% genuine products, with the New Zealand range being the softest available making them ideal for rugs by the side of the bed. 

In the New Zealand collection you will find a wide variety of colour and size, with products that can suit and complement any room in the house. 

Why Buy Sheepskin Hides from Woods?

We’ve been in business for over 140 years, and in that time, have built up an excellent reputation for quality and customer service. This is reflected in the way in which we now sell online, with the Woods Happiness Guarantee giving you the peace of mind when you shop. 

It means you can take advantage of a no-quibble returns guarantee, great prices, and superb advice as and when you need it.

5th January 2016

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