Sheepskin rugs are making a comeback and here’s all you need to know!

Sheepskin rugs are making a comeback and here’s all you need to know!

There is no greater feeling than when you walk barefoot onto a warm and inviting sheepskin rug. That's not to say that they aren't diverse and there are many ways that you can decorate your home with one. Sheepskins have always been popular throughout history and used in a number of ways, both in fashion and home design and it will soon become one of your favourite items. When people think of an animal hide they automatically picture an outdated room from the 70s. This is no longer the case, sheepskin rugs bring a sense of style and class which can depend on how they are displayed and positioned around your home.

Our sheepskin rugs are made from New Zealand wool and carry the Woolmark certification meaning that they are 100% made from Pure New Wool. The Woolmark symbol is only given to a product that has undergone rigorous Woolmark tests to ensure a high quality standard.


How to care for your sheepskin

Maintaining your rug doesn’t have to be hard work and doing so will increase its lifespan and keep it looking as good as new, especially if it is positioned somewhere where it will get a lot of use. Your sheepskin rug is a natural product that will not appreciate being left in the sunshine or near artificial heat as it will bleach and dry out the skin. Leaving it in a damp environment will also attract mould and cause the fibres to curl.

You ideally want to be keeping it away from harsh chemicals, after all you don’t see sheep in the field getting their weekly wash. So you want to keep things natural, how can I do that you ask? Give your sheepskin a regular brush with a metal bristled brush, they can be found cheaply online or alternatively purchase a dog grooming brush and it will do a just as good of a job. This will maintain the soft fluffy appearance and feel that you desired when buying it on day one.

Accidents do happen though so if you do need to give it a wash then don’t panic because you can wash it on a low temperature. For our sheepskin rugs, we recommend a 38C degree machine or hand wash with a mild liquid detergent so not to ruin the natural barriers that are already within the wool. Spin your rug to remove any excess water but DO NOT tumble dry. Place your sheepskin down flat in a dry and well aired environment, avoiding the sun and stretch it whilst it is still damp to ensure you do not lose its shape.


Ways to decorate your home with your sheepskin

Like many, we love to get the inspiration flowing and find new ways to turn some of our favourite home accessories into multi use products! So here are a few of our favourite ways to decorate your home with a sheepskin rug.

Positioning your rug next to your bed is sure to encourage you out of bed each morning even more as your feet are treated to the warmth of the wool. Make your bedroom look even more luxurious by positioning an extra large rug under your bed with the edge coming out as far as the bedside table.

We love this idea and might even steal it for our own office! Put a bit of luxury into your office or home study making sure you are completely comfortable. You could replicate something similar over your dining room chairs to ensure everyone has a comfy seat whilst enjoying dinner.

Your little ones will love sheepskin rugs just as much as you do! Build a tepee or even a fort in their room using a sheepskin rug for them to crawl into and play on. 

Children shouldn’t get to be the only ones to have a bit of fun! Take your sheepskin rug out next time you go glamping, it will help to insulate the tent and will make a great throw to ensure you don’t get cold.

An alternative way to decorate your bedroom with your sheepskin would be to use it as a throw. Protecting the bed from your four legged friends whilst adding a splash of glamour to your room.

Don’t forget to send us a photo via social media showing us how you have decorated your home with your sheepskins!



So, what are ewe waiting for? Take a look at our selection of some of the softest sheepskin rugs you will ever have the enjoyment of purchasing!

6th February 2017

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