Let There be Light

Let There be Light

You draw back the curtains. Sunlight floods the room. Bouncing off surfaces. Injecting pools of happiness into each corner of the room. Beams of sunlight have a wonderful way of creating a joyful ambience in a room. It’s therefore only natural that bright airy rooms fill us with happy, cheerful and blissful thoughts. They make us feel more alive.

One simple addition to a room can add even more light into your home. The humble mirrors.

No matter the size or shape of your room, light plays a significant part in your homes personality and mood. Sunny pops of light can enhance features and elements of your room, making them stand out in all their glory.

Introducing mirrors into a room is a clever way to enhance this light without the need for extra fittings and fixtures. Perfect for also keeping those electricity bills down!

Mirrors reflect the light rather than absorbing it. This reflection tricks the eye into believing your room is bigger and brighter. Faultless for opening up those smaller sized rooms in your home.

Reflecting light doesn’t have to stop with just mirrors. Include shiny and metallic surfaces by switching plain door knobs for brass ones and adding in silver plated photo frames. Metallic accessories are this year’s interior must-haves. You can therefore be sure your décor and styling is perfectly on trend.


A hallway is often the greeter of the home. The first place to welcome you when you step through the door after a long day. The place you kick off your shoes, hang up your jacket and instantly experience a sense of homely relief. You want to make it as inviting as possible. Mounting a mirror at the end of a hallway can instantly make it look longer and inject a timely sparkle whenever you arrive home.


Snuggling down under the duvet to get some well-deserved shut eye may not spark thoughts of needing to have lots of light. But what about that need for an early morning mood boost? That moment you awake from your bed still wanting 5 more minutes.

Allowing bursts of sunlight into your bedroom can help you feel more energised and ready to take on the day ahead. It will have you bouncing around and feeling upbeat.

Often there are large empty spaces above your headboard. The perfect home for a well secured mirror. Play with various styles and shapes to see what suits your space. Remembering in this case that bigger is always better. Go on, maximise that sunlight.

Dressing tables are always traditionally known as trusty places for mirrors in the bedroom. But, why not try adding them to your bedside table? Ornate mirrors positioned behind bedside lamps are a skilful way of enriching the glow from your bedside lamp. They allow natural light to playfully bounce throughout the room.

Living room

Mirrors in living spaces can be used as accents to create a delightful focal point and to add a refreshing lift to a room. For homes with larger living areas place a full length mirror in between 2 windows. This clever idea tricks the eye into thinking there is an extra window, thus creating a bright and vivid space. Perfect for maximising natural light.

And mirrors don’t just have to be hung on walls. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different.

To add subtle glamour to your room, try lining the back of book cases or adding a large wall mirror behind a chest or side board. These exquisite reflections give the impression there is more room than initially meets the eye.

Brightening your interior space in this way also adds a stunning focus to the beautiful accessories and objects that adorn your shelves and cabinets.

It’s not always just about sunlight. There’s always an air of dreamy ambience released when mirrors and candles are placed in the same room. The way mirror reflections collide with the flicker of a candle flame dispersing tiny fragments of light is a sure way to create a romantic setting.

Dining room

Positioning a mirror across from a window can increase both the light and view into your dining room. An instant injection of sunshine.

To really make a bold statement and bounce as much light as possible place two mirrors adjacent to one another. This helps create depth to your dining area.

Dining accessories are a perfect way to infuse further light into your dining area. Cutlery and dining sets chosen with metal detailing are a perfect way to do just that. Not only will you be dining in style, but in a beautifully relaxed and airy environment.

Compliment your décor

Play around with mirrors currently in your home. Move them to another room. Or simply to different points of the existing.

There are many sizes, shapes and designs of mirrors. Don’t be afraid to play with a mixture of these and establish which compliments your décor best.

Fancy being a little more daring?

Step outside your comfort zone and select something a little different. A design that has a slight contrast to the rest of your styling. Create a real focal point for your room.

When it comes to adding mirrors into your home there really is no right or wrong. We have come up with a few ideas for you to try. But your possibilities really are endless. Let your creative juices run wild and allow light to energetically flow throughout your home.

28th July 2016

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