Colour Crush: Inject Seasonal Colour into Your Home

Colour Crush: Inject Seasonal Colour into Your Home

Seasonal changes bring about the transformation of moods, trends and tastes. Those once romantic, autumnal tones just don’t inject the same ambience as the sun begins to shine. Warm summery evenings bring about the need for bold, bright, and playful hues.

Colour sets the mood and personality of your home. From laid back and relaxing, to energetic and vibrant, colour can either add a delicate pop of colour here or a colourful punch there.
Introducing a splash of colour into a room can ramp up a space without even a paint brush or roller in sight. As let’s face it when playing with new colours, paint can sometimes feel all too permanent, and a little too daunting.

A simple and inexpensive way to do just that is by incorporating bold accent colours through textiles and accessories. These strategically placed pops of colour can create a whole new look. The best bit – you can change them as often as you desire.

Give colour the green light

Try vibrant hues and bold garish patterns to create a tropical and flamboyant styling. Such combinations seamlessly blend your home’s interior with a vibe of outdoor living.

Less can be more when it comes to playing with new colour palettes. Repeat bright colours just a few times throughout a room to create a more intense contrast. Perfect if you are an interior design newbie and a little reserved on which collection of hues to blend together. Stick to a simple palette of 2 colours for a fresh modern look.

Feeling a little more daring? Why not select a larger splash of colour? A bright coffee table or contrasting dining chairs serve as a playful focal point to your room. When introducing larger pieces keep it simple. Mimic this bold accent colour in just a couple subtle other places throughout the room. It’s important not to overpower a room. A great tip to remember is the 60-30-10 ratio. 60 % dominant colour, 30% secondary hue and the final 10% accent colour.

Pillows & Throws

Singly one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to inject colour into your bedroom or living room is the inclusion of throw pillows. Play with textures, colours and patterns to alter the rooms ambiance throughout the change of seasons. This collection of hues and designs will infuse a stunning flair into your home.

A throw immediately adds texture to furniture. Perfect for giving a room a wakeup call. It adds just the right amount of colour, whilst ensuring the room remains calm and relaxed


Nothing says changing seasons like a blooming bud. From feminine arrangements to single stems, flowers can instantly transform a space. Play with different size vases and bowls to instantly uplift not just a room but also your mood. Change them up when creativity strikes. Flowers are a spirited way of showcasing colour and can be adapted according to not just seasons but also your mood.

Feeling green fingered? Grow your own house plants to add a rich green palette to your home. These natural accessories not only add this richness but purify the air and helps initiate happy vibes throughout your home.

Let there be light: Combine colour with brightness by including a playful light fixture. Not only will this add an instant brightness it cleverly draws the eye upwards. Thus creating the illusion of a bigger room.


Trends and tastes change over the years. Whilst the quality of your sofa may still be sumptuous, the colour or pattern may not still suit your current taste.

Why not give it a new lease of life? Inject some up to date styling by reupholstering your current suite.

An instant update to your favourite piece and a facelift for your living room. Perfect.


Nothing adds a cheery charm to a room then a vibrant rug. It’s a great way to pull a room together and create a strong focal point. A patterned rug defines the colour palate for a room and helps centralise the other colour accents.

Open Shelving

Boring shelves are a thing of the past.

Today they become a haven of treasures. A rainbow of carefully displayed books, memorabilia and homely essentials.

Do you have cupboards full of a collective array of dishes and teacups? Dig out a selection, (remembering to keep it minimal) to create a stylish display on your open shelving.

Try colour coordinating your book collection to release a rainbow of colour into a room. Plus, you never know you may rediscover a hidden gem of a novel.

Most of all have fun, get creative and colour outside those lines!

29th July 2016

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