Photo Frames

A photo frame makes an ideal gift. Our silver-plated photo frames are lined with black velvet and come wrapped in a lovely gift box.

Artisan Photo Frame - 24cm
Artisan Photo Frame - 24cm
The Artisan photo frame makes a unique addition to your display of family photos. No two are the same with each frame being made from reclaimed pine wood. Available in 2 different sizes.W19cm x H24cm
Artisan Photo Frame - 26.5cm
Artisan Photo Frame - 26.5cm
Made from reclaimed pine wood meaning no two frames are the same, complete with knots and an unfinished look the Artisan photo frame makes a unique addition to your photograph display. Available in 2 different sizes.H26.5cm x W22cm

Bastille 8x10 Photo FrameBastille 8x10 Photo Frame
Bastille 8x10 Photo Frame
Designed with bevelled glass, the freestanding Bastille photo frame makes a smart contemporary frame for your mantel. 8x10" | W24.5cm x D3cm x H29.5cm
Celine 5x7 Photo Frame
Celine 5x7 Photo Frame
Make a memory and treasure it in a gorgeous photo frame to display on your mantel, windowsill or sideboard. Why not mix and match with the Freya photo frames for a gorgeous display. 5" x 7", W27cm x D3cm x H32cm

Edale 8x10 Photo FrameEdale 8x10 Photo Frame
Edale 8x10 Photo Frame
Simple and sophisticated, the Edale photo frames feature a classic design of a mirrored frame with small studded detailing.8" x 10" | W29cm x D3cm x H34cm
Freya 4x6 Photo Frame
Freya 4x6 Photo Frame
Fill your home with memories with one of our photo frames. Whether it?s a special occasion, a holiday of a lifetime or something that makes you smile, display it in the stylish Freya Photo Frame. Why not mix and match with the Celine photo frame for a gorgeous display. 4" x 6", W7cm x D2.5cm x H22cm

Heath 5x7 Photo FrameHeath 5x7 Photo Frame
Heath 5x7 Photo Frame
Cherish one of your favourite family memories in the Heath photo frame, featuring a wide angled wooden frame it makes a smart contemporary addition to your mantel.5x7" | W21.5cm x D4cm x H26.5cmAlso available as 8 x 10"
Heath 8x10 Photo FrameHeath 8x10 Photo Frame
Heath 8x10 Photo Frame
The natural Heath photo frame is ideal for cherishing one of your favourite family memories, featuring a wide angled wooden frame.8x10" | W29cm x D40cm x H34cmAlso available as 5 x 7"

Monique 10x8 Photo FrameMonique 10x8 Photo Frame
Monique 10x8 Photo Frame
Add a photo of a favourite memory to the Monique to make the perfect present for a friend. Try combining the Monique with the gold Dimples photo frames for an interesting mix in styles.10" x 8"Available in 2 different sizes
Monique 11x9 Photo FrameMonique 11x9 Photo Frame
Monique 11x9 Photo Frame
The Monique photo frames make lovely gifts for people, simply add a photo of a favourite memory. Try combining the Monique with the gold Dimples photo frames for an interesting mix in styles.11" x 9"Available in 2 different sizes

Moulin 4x6 Photo FrameMoulin 4x6 Photo Frame
Moulin 4x6 Photo Frame
The gorgeous Moulin photo frame features a patterned border detailing and a clear glass back for a modern addition to hang on your wall.W24cm x D1cm x H29cm
Moulin Double Photo FrameMoulin Double Photo Frame
Moulin Double Photo Frame
The Moulin photo frame has space for 2 of your favourite photos so you don't have to choose. Featuring a decorative edged frame with a clear glass back. W29cm x D1cm x H36cm