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Why Lights Aren't Just For Christmas

Why Lights Aren't Just For Christmas

In the wise words of Taylor Swift, “we can leave the Christmas lights up ‘til January”, but that’s where it stops. Twelfth night comes around and ruins all our fun and then it’s the January blues and all we’re left with from December is cold grey skies and bellies that are slightly bigger than they were in November. Yes, taking the decorations down leads to the magic of putting them up again the following year, and, despite Wizzard’s best wishes, it can’t be Christmas every day, but why can’t we at least capture some of the essence of the season for a little while longer? Let’s take a look at how to keep your home feeling just as warm and happy after the holidays are over as it is right now.

The lights are one of the best parts of Christmas. Driving around all the lit-up houses in December is absolutely magical as a kid (and as an adult, let’s be honest), and it is amazing being able to create that wonder for yourself. So why limit that to one time of year? Decorative lights have been associated with reducing depression and anxiety since they trigger the ‘happy hormone’ in your brain, but it doesn’t take a scientist to know that; you can’t help but smile when you see some pretty LEDs around a home. It’s super simple to twine some fairy lights around the tree or bush in front of your house to spread some not-so-festive cheer at night. Just make sure that you’ve got outside ones, or you might get a not so fun surprise! If you want to keep that magic for yourself, and have function on equal footing with form, you might want to choose to hang your fairy lights round a mirror or headboard. Framing the edge of a mirror in lights provides task lighting for more intricate parts of your daily routine like applying makeup, while adding them to your headboard or bedroom wall not only offers atmospheric lighting but also helps you to illuminate your nighttime reading and settle down your eyes ready for bed.

Repurpose your Christmas lights all year round

Fairy lights can make a bedroom space feel cosier

Palma Leaner Mirror

If fairy lights aren’t your thing, or you’ve already packed them safely away ready for next year, there are still other ways to use lighting for warmth and cosiness within the home. Given that they can be used so many times and are pretty universal, candles are the perfect accessory to any home, and the best bit is they don’t contribute to your energy bill! A scented candle can release an aroma that’s not only better for your mental health but also just adds a really nice smell to a room. Burning a candle for long enough will also obviously help to warm your home, and we all could use a little extra help with that at the moment!

A candle can greatly improve the ambience

Italian Garden Luxury Candle

Effortlessly blend your candle in with your other d├ęcor

Neom Luxury De-Stress Candle

Another way to save money on your electricity bill through lights is the use of lamps. Not only are they cheaper to run, but they also create a cosier mood and warmer atmosphere than the main light. Thanks to a warmer bulb compared to the harsh bright white light used in most ceiling lights, table and floor lamps help you to feel much more relaxed and at home when you’re at home! When you sit down to read or watch TV in an evening, flick the switch on your ceiling light off and plug in a lamp next to your sofa or chair for a more chilled out atmosphere.

Lamps tend to emit a warmer light

Winslet Table Lamp With Teal Shade

A floor lamp can cover a wider area

Lucinda Floor Lamp

Light up your January...

Posted by Kara Llewellyn
30th December 2023

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