Rare Breed Sheepskin Rugs - Buy British With Confidence

Rare breed sheepskin rugs - Buy British With Confidence

Nothing quite beats the quality and comfort of British rare breed sheepskin rugs. We stock a wide range of 100% genuine rare breed sheepskin products, all of which come with free shipping to UK addresses, plus our unique no quibble returns policy.

It’s important to note that our rugs all come from sheep that are bi-products of the meat industry. For your peace of mind, we believe that this is very important. In addition to the fact that they are eco-tanned to EU legislation, the sheep are not bred for their skins.

When you shop online with Woods, you can benefit from rare breed sheepskin rug products that come from sheep who roam the British countryside in areas such as Dartmoor and Exmoor.

To explore our current range, please click the link below, or alternatively continue reading on for some highlights from our collection, plus details on why you should choose British rare breed sheepskin rugs.

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What is British Rare Breed Sheepskin?

The British Isles have the largest range of individual sheep breeds in the world, with some stunning rare breed examples.

Rare breed sheepskin rugs are very different, as in that the hides are not colour-dyed, with each one having 100% unique markings. Example breeds in this category are the Jacob and Herdwick sheep both of whom are native to Britain.

Let’s take a closer look at both of them.


Jacob Sheepskin

This breed of domestic sheep has beautiful colours, and some very unusual characteristics. They are piebald dark colours, with white areas of wool. Whilst the exact origin of the Jacob breed is unknown, what we do know is that these types of sheep were present in England in the 1600s.

Centuries ago, the Jacob breed were kept as park sheep; essentially as sheep that would roam large estates with no real purpose for the landowner other than to keep grass down, and the way that they looked.

In more modern times, Jacob sheep have been valued for their wool and sheepskin, but as mentioned, the ones that we range at Woods are purely a by-product of the meat industry so we do not stock rare breed sheepskin rugs that were bred simply for their hides.


Herdwick Sheep


This breed is also a domestic variety, but is found in the Lake District and north west of the country. Herdwick sheep are renowned as being a hardy breed that live off the land by foraging.

In terms of their wool, the Herdwick rare breed sheepskin have some very unique qualities. They are both durable due to the environment that they reside in, plus makes for very warm rugs. The wool is perceived to be amongst the highest of qualities when compared to alternative British rare breed sheepskin.


Why Buy British Rare Breed Rugs from Woods?

We’ve previously mentioned this, but we believe it a huge factor that should be considered during the customer buying process relating to rare breed sheepskin rugs – and that’s our commitment to only using sheepskin products that are not bred purely for their skin.

The rugs that we sell in this category are all home-grown, 100% genuine, and luxury sheepskin products. You can benefit from bringing this into your home, with our products featuring a range of tones, colours, sizes, and deep, soft fleece.

We also offer free shipping, a no quibble returns policy, and exceptional customer service – so if you need help in choosing the right product for your home, please do get in touch with us.

Rare breed sheepskin rugs truly are the best of British.


Recommended Products

Browse a small selection of highlights from our rare breed sheepskin rug products below. We have put together a short selection of our best-selling items to give you a wide selection of sizes including small, medium, and large. We also have different colour variations available including brown, black and white, and much more.


Small White and Brown Jacob Sheepskin

Soft and silky to the touch, this rug has long hair which feels sumptuous under foot. Run your hand through the wool and you will reveal a stunning undercoat with differing tones of grey and black. Comes highly recommended and is available to buy online now.

Large Grey and White Herdwick Style Sheepskin

Looking for something a little bit bigger? This stunning rare breed sheepskin is from the Herdwick breed and comes in natural colours and a dense wool that offers an unrivalled level of comfort. It measures approximately 89cm long, and 83cm wide.


Small Mixed Jacob Sheepskin

This rug is a classic example of why the Jacob breed is so popular. The 100% genuine longwool sheepskin looks absolutely stunning in any home environment, and can be used as a rug, or even as throw over a sofa, or to wrap yourselves in on a cold winter’s night.


Large White and Dark Grey Herdwick Style Sheepskin

Our final recommendation for today is this large rare breed Herwick sheepskin rug. It’s one of the warmest that we have on sale due to the hardy wool that this breed develops in their natural habitat of the Lake District. It measures 98cm long and 80cm wide, and comes with free shipping so shop now and grab yourself a great deal.


All prices are subject to change on a daily basis, so we do recommend that if you do decide to buy that you do so soon. Many of our rare breed sheepskin rugs tend to sell out quickly due to high demand. 

Posted by Samantha
13th December 2017

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