Hunker down: Creating a cosy space

Hunker down: Creating a cosy space


Adjective “giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.”

Sounds simple doesn’t it? And that’s exactly what it should be. So let’s not over complicate cosiness. Read on to see how you can create the perfect cosy space with a few key additions and a touch of creativity. It will really make the remaining chilly months more bearable, or even enjoyable.

Soften the edges


There’s nothing quite like the effect on the soul of a soft rug underfoot. Use rugs not only to take the chill from a hard floor, but create texture on the eye and for your toes. Rugs also retain warmth from the air making a great barrier to the elements. A rug warmed by the fire is perfect for those cold winter nights.

Whether it’s the go-to winter-time rug of a pure sheepskin or grand woven statement rug, they all serve the same purpose. It only depends on your homestyle and of course the space you have available. We have a great selection of sheepskin rugs of different varieties from all corners of the globe.

Not forgetting of course, our core offer of traditional or contemporary rugs available in many different styles and sizes.

Cushions & Throws

It could be said, where it comes to cushions, that it’s always tempting to go crazy and pile on layer after layer of cushions. But often, less is more. Cushions are there to soften corners in sofas and add more support. They also offer a chance to offset the colour scheme with some accent tones.

Use cushions selectively to both match other accent colours in the room, and also allow your main item of furniture to shine through.

Take a look at our cushions here. We’ve a huge selection so you’re bound to find something to suit your home. Mix styles and textures too.

Moving on to throws. Yes, you can throw them, but choose something you can also wrap up in. You can create a very cosy environment when people have the tools to get warmer all around them, and a throw offers just that. Again, go for textures and tones. Like a muted wool or a bright cotton.

Light the lights

Candlelight can be magical and transform your living space in the darker months. The feeling we get with the light from a flame is built into us at an evolutionary level. Throughout the history of mankind fire has been a source of safety, warmth and light and even now in a world full of blue light distractions, our minds and bodies respond to candlelight in a way no other light can offer.

Tealights are a really versatille way of capturing the essence of candlelight. You can mix styles and tones to filter the light and place them around the home in groups or spread out to create pockets of candlelight in the corners of your living space.

Well there you have it. With a combination of soft textiles, and candlelight you can increase your cosiness levels to the max, and before long Spring will be here where you can begin to let the outside in.

4th February 2020

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