How To Create A Cosy Living Room

How To Create A Cosy Living Room

This Winter weather definitely calls for a warm and cosy home. Every aspect of the interior decor can influence how cosy a room is, from the furniture to the materials and colours on the walls. Take a look at these warm cosy living room ideas, for a home so cosy, you'll never want to leave!

Warm cosy living room ideas

Try these cosy home interior design ideas and see if you might be tempted to up the comfort factor a little in your own home. Here’s our guide on how to create a cosy living room.

1. Cosy living room colours

Don't let anyone tell you that choosing the right colour palette for your home isn't a big decision, as we all know it is! This is especially important when talking about how to make a room cosy and warm.Cosy living room coloursWhen choosing cosy living room colours, you will generally need to steer clear of the cooler end of the colour spectrum in order to focus on the warm and neutral shades. Every colour can have cool or warm undertones, even whites, blacks and grey. Read our post on how to make a grey living room cosy.

2. Big comfy sofas and chairs

The hub of any cosy living room, a big comfy sofa, is a vital addition to every home but be prepared to fight over it! The perfect location for solo sitting, romantic cuddling or family hangouts, we think a large and squidgy sofa goes a long way towards promoting a sense of cosiness and blissed-out relaxation. Big comfy sofasThere's often a bit of a gap between a sofa that is lovely to look at and one that is lovely to sit on - ideally the perfect comfy sofa will strike a balance between the two. Think, "Can I see myself curled up on this sofa of a Sunday afternoon, feet sunk into the cushions, reading a book with my favourite cuppa?" If the answer is “no” then you should keep looking...

Comfy corner sofas

A comfy corner sofa is not only a clever way to maximise seating space in a confined space; its L-shape automatically creates a sense of togetherness.

You can achieve the same sort of effect with two freestanding sofas set at right angles to each other.

This neutrally upholstered Edgar 4-seater chaise looks particularly inviting, piled high with scatter cushions and luxurious sheepskin throws to sink your toes into.

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Snuggle up on a big comfy chair for two

Shape and texture are just as important as colour when trying to create a cosy living room.

The Genesis loveseat is timelessly stylish and simply gorgeous in design - the soft velvety upholstery just begs to be touched. With its extra comfy cushioning, you will sink into this big comfy snuggler chair and be enveloped in indulgence.

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Prep a spot for reading with a comfy reading chair

When it gets dark so early, it’s easy to fall into a routine of binge-watching TV. Create an alternative way to spend your down time by feathering a comfortable space where you can curl up in a big comfy chair like our Heather armchair with your favourite book, glossy magazine or tablet. Keep plenty of pillows, a throw and a perch for a hot cup of something, all together in one place.

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3. Trade your coffee table for an oversized footstool or ottoman

A soft, plush ottoman is a perfect way to help make your living room feel cosy and warm. They’re great to rest your feet on, and with the addition of a tray, can serve perfectly as a coffee table as well. Ottomans are also available with storage.

This Poppy orange velvet footstoolupholstered in a gorgeous "Capri Coral" fabric, adds warmth to this living room in a way that a wooden coffee table wouldn’t.

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4. Gorgeous lighting

A perfectly cosy living room will almost always feature dimmed lighting, in a bid to relax before bedtime. Think about big sofas, warm woodburners and soft, dimmed lights. Perfect for setting the mood for a relaxing evening, enjoying a cuddle with a partner.

Use Table Lamps for a warm glow

Without the glare of a bright main light, the amber softness of some perfectly placed table lamps will help to give big rooms a sense of scale and ensure that seating areas have plenty of light for reading or chatting. There’s nothing better than a lamp to add a warm glow to your living room.

Ludlow Taupe Lamp Table with Toba Lamp Base

Ludlow taupe lamp table with Toba lamp base

Crystal table lamps

Neptune Burlington crystal table lamps

A table lamp will help make the room feel less open and more snuggly - we simply love these crystal table lamps by Neptune.

Lots of lights

The trick to a nice, warm glow in your home is to have lots of separate lights. A combination of lamps and wall lighting, like these chrome wall lights by Neptune are great as you can control not only how many lights are on at a time but where the light is coming from.

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Large Bilbury Grey Painted BookcaseLarge Bilbury Grey Painted Bookcase

5. A bookcase with character

A bookcase is a perfect addition to any cosy living room, helping the room to feel just that little bit smaller. Not only a good way of storing your collection of books, bookcases are also perfect for displaying the things you love, such as photo frames, ornaments and trinkets, which all help to bring a sense of cosiness. These little things help make your house feel like home because they remind you of the people and things you love.

A living room that feels like yours is a cosy living room, so personalise your bookcase, like this large Bilbury grey painted bookcase, with your favourite things and arrange them on your shelves to add personality and warmth to the living room.

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6. Incorporate solid wood furniture

For a truly cosy home, we think that showcasing natural materials is the best way to add a level of comfort, with minimal effort.

A cosy home wouldn't be complete without a lovely injection of natural materials and first and foremost comes wood furniture.

Wonderfully tactile and warm, solid wood furniture just like our popular Como oak living room collection, pictured here with the blue Slouch armchair, instantly warms a room.

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Wood flooring can be warm

Wood flooring is a fantastic way to bring warmth and depth to any room.

We love the warm tones of this stunning Woodpecker Chepstow charcoal oak flooring, and when offset against other natural materials such as a luxurious sheepskin rug, leather chair and neutral cream walls it will give an overall feeling of easy elegance and chic.

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7. Use rugs to add warmth underfoot

Wooden floors are popular in contemporary and modern homes, but you can’t beat a good living room rug to warm up a cool floor.

If you don’t have the budget to invest in a giant area rug, consider layering smaller rugs in strategic spots, like under the coffee table or in front of your favourite chair.

No cosy living room would be complete without at least one luxurious rug in place - we are in love with this off-white Neptune Tolsey plaid rug, beautifully paired here with an elegant Neptune Henley coffee table.

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8. Add warm metals

Warm metals such as copper, bronze, brass or rose gold can instantly warm up your living room. Try adding a feature mirror for a touch of sophistication. Here are some ideas for adding hints of warmth, with finishing touches like these warm metallic accessories:

There's nothing quite like the soft glow of a candle. Candles make any room cosy - the flickering flames are relaxing, calming, and oh so cosy.

Have an array of candles of all different sizes to really ramp up the cosy atmosphere of your room. These warm metal candle holders are ideal.

9. Luxurious layering: Fur throws, blankets & cushions

Cuddling up on the sofa with your favourite film and a huge blanket or throw is the ultimate cosy activity.

When thinking of the term 'cosy' or 'comfy', what immediately springs to mind is a sofa, covered effortlessly in an array of scatter cushions and soft blankets.

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Cushions, throws and blankets are a must-have for a cosy living room. For a quick update, adding a variety of textures is the most straightforward way to up your living room’s cosy factor.

Chunky knit blankets like the soft grey Neptune Sefton Cobble knitted throw and some soft cushions will transform your sofa, while fur rugs will feel luxurious and cosy underfoot.

As far as throws go, they don't come cosier than our luxurious sheepskin throws. Wrap yourself in one of these beauties and you'll literally feel like you're receiving a warm hug.

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10. Add something organic

Plants and flowers bring so much life to a space. Add some fabulous plants to your home as they will instantly cheer it up. If you don't have much luck keeping things alive, you'll be a winner with succulents or cacti. Alternatively, try adding some floral wall art. We really like these leafy prints:

These cosy living room ideas will help to evoke that cosy feeling and bring an extra sense of cohesive style to your living room. Now you know how to create a cosy living room, you’ll have a space so cosy that you’ll feel loathed to leave it!

Is your living room a warm and cosy place? Tell us how you created the perfect atmosphere!

16th January 2019

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