5 Ways to use Sheepskins this Winter

5 Ways to use Sheepskins this Winter

After an amazing summer that seemed to last and last, winter has most definitely arrived. With short days, that quickly turn to darkness, we all look forward to going inside in the evening. Hanging up our coats, scarves and gloves and stepping into a home where we can relax, warm up and enjoy the cosy sanctuary we have created.

And it's so easy to create! Warm lamps, twinkling fairy lights or a crackling fire, it's all about that glow. That feeling of wanting to hunker down, snuggle up and make the most of the long wintery evenings. Making small updates to your home accessories like velvety cushions and baby-soft mohair throws draped over sofas and chairs or layered over the end of a bed. Add immediate sumptuousness, inviting textures that visually compose the feeling of warmth, while also being a practical addition to these chilly evenings.

And then there are sheepskins. Or to be more exact, our genuine, real long hair pure New Zealand, Icelandic and rare breed sheepskins. They can be used effortlessly in every room in the house to add instant luxury, comfort and snugness. Perfect in their purity, wonderfully versatile and irresistibly tactile. I dare you to walk past one without stroking it...

Sheepskins aren't just for Christmas. The beauty of this natural product is that they work equally well in the warm summer months as in the cold. Winter is definitely the time where they can really be used to bring some Nordic wintery wonderfulness to your home.


Come dine with me

Create a comfortable dining experience for your family and dinner guests this Christmas. Lay our New Zealand single sheepskins over dining chairs for a cosy feel that encourages everyone to stay at the table long after the meal has ended, chatting the evening away, laughing and making memories.

The double sheepskin is the perfect length to become a plush seating pad for an otherwise wooden dining bench. Visually stunning, optimal comfort and completely on-trend with the Scandinavian aesthetic that works so well.


Blanket of snow

The brilliance of sheepskins is that they are so versatile. Grab one from a nearby chair or from next to your bed and place it under your Christmas tree to instantly dress an otherwise bare tree stand. Our ivory sheepskins are made for this. The soft wool juxtaposes the sharpness of the pine needles and creates a soft, snowy base to your tree. Or opt for our New Zealand sheepskin in steel for a modern luxe twist. The perfect finishing touch to your beautifully decorated tree and home for the presents as they begin to appear...


Snug as a bug in a rug 

Getting out of bed on a dark December morning, with the sound of rain beating against the window. When the bed has never felt warmer and more comfortable it’s not always the most motivation.

If we really must, then let the first sensation be; sinking our feet into the thick, plush pile of a sheepskin rug on the floor by the bedside. Single, double or quad depending on space, they are a pleasure to sink your toes in morning after morning and in a choice of four colours, there's a sheepskin to suit every bedroom.


Creature Comforts

If there’s a room in the house that most benefits from the introduction of some warm and inviting textures, its the living room. Usually the area where everyone tends to unwind, come together and feel the most relaxed; it should feel warm, cosy and a haven from the wind whirling outside or softly falling snow. Sofas are instantly updated by draping a double sheepskin across the back (and will probably be loved by the cat!) Or use the extra-large pelt for a cuddly sofa that everyone can enjoy.


Try draping our Highland Coo sheepskin over an armchair or accent chair for instant tactile appeal. Or simply have them on the floor in front of the fire or television. Children will love this cosy choice for curling up with a book or stretching out and watching their favourite Christmas film. Stylish yet comforting, they are a natural, beautiful addition to your home that you and your whole family will enjoy.


For the person who has everything

A luxurious gift of beautiful quality, that works in any room, in any setting, in any style of home is hard to find. But the wide selection of sheepskins on show at both our Brewery Square and High East Street stores are certainly it. Come and wander around the store, run your fingers across the soft fleeces showcased on our own in store living, dining and bedroom areas. Compliment your sheepskin rugs and throws with our wool cushions. The perfect gift for that hard to buy for person, all exquisitely wrapped and tied with a bow.

They wool love them!


3rd December 2018

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