Some feelings cannot be explained – only experienced

Some feelings cannot be explained – only experienced
Enjoy the feeling of unique comfort

Comfort is nearly impossible to describe, but Stressless manage to encapsulate it in every stitch. Combining a passion for detail with a drive for innovation, Stressless have been bringing pure relaxation and style into our homes for over eighty years.

Everyone has different needs; and like shoes, the right chair or sofa needs to be a great fit. With the hectic hustle and bustle of daily life, having a seat you can call your own, that has been tailored to your height, size and personal taste provides the end to the day that you deserve.


Design your dream chair

1. Select design and style

Select from the full range of designs we have on show and find the correct size for your perfect comfort. With most Stressless recliners available in three sizes, everyone can find a chair that’s neither too big nor too small, but just right!

2. Select base

Opt for the classic base with its elegant curved wooden design and unique stability. Or allow yourself to drift off, with the soft and comfortable rocking motion of the Signature base with BalanceAdapt system. With its contemporary aluminium and wooden frame, the signature base is a visual treat while adding to your ultimate comfort. For optimum leg support, without the need for an additional footstool, opt for the Classic base with LegComfort system. A light touch of the button activates the discreet footrest hidden beneath the seat.


3. Select leather/fabric and wood type

Let your personality shine through, with a choice of eight wood colours and an abundance of soft, supple leathers and classic, comfortable wool fabrics.


Colours, trends and inspiration

As spring blossoms into summer and the autumn leaves fall away to cosy winter nights, interior trends never stop changing.  Stressless keep on top of the ever-evolving trends by attending trade seminars and shows, incorporating the latest in colour, fabric and interiors. The bounteous choice on offer allow you to personalise your chair or sofa to convey your personal style and add to the aesthetic of your home. So, whether you want to incorporate earthy natural tones, sophisticated smoky pastels or add pop of colour, there’s something for every person and every home.

Our new Stressless Studio in our High East Street store invites you find the style, size and finish that will allow you to experience total relaxation and find a chair that is a perfect match for both you and your home.This year’s Stressless collection is bigger than ever, So, sit back, relax and experience the relaxation and comfort you deserve…

14th September 2018

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