Black Is Coming Back as the IT Colour for 2018

Black Is Coming Back as the IT Colour for 2018

“Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody” – Mark Twain

Feeling rebellious? Step over to the dark side this year, with black furniture set to make its comeback! As this year’s interior design trends are revealed, something that is highlighted is that black interiors are back for 2018! The colour black represents emotion in rebellious teenagers, sound familiar? That fragile tipping point between your kids still being your babies, and growing into young adults? Or perhaps it's your turn to make a bold statement? Reclaim your space at home. Inject sophisticated darkness into your light spaces. Create contrast and mystery. Once you choose black furniture, we're sure that you will never look back! Find something for your dark side, with these black home accessories from our Neptune and Woods Furniture ranges...

Black Framed Mirror 

Black framed mirror

Accentuate your mantel piece. With your statement black framed mirror. Just like this one, from our Neptune Buckingham range.  In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are represented by the colours black and white, for darkness and light. Opposite forces like these, really complement one another and unite. Go juxtaposed. See how in the photo above, your black framed mirror, sets off the finer details in your contrasting white mantel piece. Dare to be bold?  

Black Framed Wall Art  

Neptune black framed wall art

Black is a colour that represents power and authority. Enchanting black framed wall art, like this piece from our Neptune Lucknam collection, commands attention in your home. Claim manor house appeal.  Hang it on your bedroom wall, and imagine walking through Wiltshire’s Lucknam estate, where this black framed wall art came to fruition. See for yourself its simplistic beauty, as you sit back and admire it, and for the moment be that lady of the manor - or lord of course!

Black Living Room Accessories

Does black furniture sound daunting? Even to the boldest of interior trend setters, black living room accessories, may sound overwhelming! But soften the look, by pairing up with white accessories, to create brazen contrast in your living room.

Neptune Black living room accessories side table

Create crisp focal points, with Black living room accessories. And draw your eye to previously unnoticed territories in your room. Totally emphasize them, especially if you have light coloured walls. Or with dark walls, make black furniture disappear, to create an enigma! Think of your Aldwych black side table, like the one above from our Neptune range, with a distinct white retro telephone perched on top. Totally audacious you!

Black Wall Clock

Neptune black clock

Not sold on dousing your walls in black paint? Don't worry! Your Harrison black wall clock, from our Neptune range, allows you to be just a little bit racy without having to splash out on redecoration costs! Create nostalgia. With its thick, plump frame and delicate clock hands, that are a subtle nod to 18th Century marine chronometers. A timeless classic, excuse the pun! Your black wall clock was made in honour of the famous clockmaker John Harrison. And, good news, it even comes in two sizes. Tickety boo! 

Black Vase

Neptune black vasesNeptune black vasesRibbon black vase

Trek into the depths of the Amazonian jungle. A single black vase, filled with a seasonal succulent, makes for an elegant table arrangement. An array of black vases, of different sizes, filled with a range of cactus and seasonal succulents - is a whole new level! Create jungle appeal, transport your guests into the depths of the Amazonian rainforest, every time they come to visit! Surely a black vase, is a destination worth your consideration?

Black Lamp Shades 

Metallico black lamp shades

Looking for mood lighting? Black lamp shades offer you a warm and tender loving glow, whilst emitting strong up and down light. Your lampshades colour controls the effect that your light will have. Because your lampshade acts to direct and diffuse light. Choosing Black lamp shades, are your best option, for creating mood lighting - à la belle étoile! 

26th January 2018

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