Luxurious Jacob Sheepskin Rugs: Find Out More About This Rare Breed

Luxurious Jacob Sheepskin Rugs: Find Out More About This Rare Breed

At Woods Furniture, we have a commitment to only stocking the very best in quality. We specialise in rare-breed sheepskin rugs, with one of our more popular ranges being the stunning Jacob sheepskin collection. 

In this blog post we wanted to give you an introduction as to not just the Jacob sheepskins we have for sale, but also a potted history of the breed, characteristics, and reasons why it’s such a popular collection in Britain. 

Read on to find out more about why this sheep offers such as luxurious feel, then a little bit of background on this rare-breed, followed by some Jacob wool throw and rug recommendations. 

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Characteristics of Jacob Sheepskin Rugs 

We love the Jacob rare-breed, and the characteristics that the sheepskin brings to our rugs and wool throws. 

The sheep themselves are small and piebald, which is what gives them their sought-after colour and pattern configurations, so popular in throws and rugs. Piebald sheep have pigmented spots on a white background, and are completely unique from animal to animal. 

Some people say that Jacob sheep resemble goats and you can see for yourself in the photo below. 

Jacob Sheep
By David Merrett from Daventry, England - Jacob's Ram, CC BY 2.0, Link


Every single Jacob will have unique and distinctive markings, so much so, that shepherds can identify them from a long distance away. As a general rule of thumb the piebald patterns on this rare-breed will be around 60% white, with the remaining 40% being the unique brown, black, or brown and grey patterning. 

This means that every single Jacob wool throw, or Jacob sheepskin rug we have for sale will be 100% unique and individual to you. 

The texture of the Jacob wool and fleece offers softness to the touch, with a springy feel. Jacob sheepskin rugs are renowned for their strength and medium softness, with a dense fibre. 

This results in a luxuriously thick rug, which is extremely popular in British homes. 

Our range have been used by customers as traditional rugs in their living rooms and bedrooms, through to woollen throws for chairs and sofas. 

A Short History of Jacob Rare-Breed Sheep 

The origins of Jacob sheep are a little bit mysterious, but we do know they have been bred in Britain for a few hundred years at least, as they were first seen in paintings dating from 1760.  

Rumour has it that piebald sheep like the Jacob breed were brought to Ireland in 1588, being rescued from the wreckage of a Spanish boat, and then introduced to England shortly after that. 

Going even further back in time and history, there are accounts of piebald sheep in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, and in fact, the sheep were named after the biblical figure of Jacob. 

In more recent times, scientists have investigated the heritage of Jacob sheep, and found that they are very closely related to sheep now found in Africa and Asia, rather than common UK breeds. 

This tends to suggest a rich history, and could account for the way in which the breed has evolved to offer the luxurious sheepskin it is renowned for.  

In Britain, Jacob sheep are listed as a rare breed, hence our commitment to only selling Jacob sheepskin rugs that are a by-product of the meat industry. 

Nowadays their flock numbers are far higher than they used to be, and the breed is no longer considered to be endangered. However, as a rare-breed, they do need conserving so we do not source or offer Jacob sheepskin rugs for sale that have been bred for their skin. 

Our Jacob Sheepskin Rugs for Sale

We currently have a wide range of individual and unique Jacob sheepskin wool rugs and throws on sale in the UK. Below is a just a small highlight of some of best-sellers. 

They offer an un-rivalled luxury feel, and will complement any room in the house where you want a touch of quality and comfort. 

Our rugs work equally as well as wool throws and covers for beds, sofas, and chairs. Explore below, and find one to suit your home today! 

Large Jacob Sheepskin Rug (of Jacob Wool Throw)

As one of our flag-ship wool throws, this Jacob is probably going to sell out soon due to the popularity, so move fast if you want one as we don’t know when we will next have them in stock. 

The stunning ivory white colour is complemented with the piebald patterning of darker patches – each one is 100% unique, genuine, and thicken woollen in texture. 

In terms of dimensions, it will be between 120 and 130 cm in length, but we do also stock smaller sizes should you wish. The larger ones are commonly used as woollen throws as well as being larger rugs. 

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Small White and Brown Jacob Sheepskin

For something smaller, but still with the same quality and feel, we would recommend this small white and brown Jacob sheepskin. 

As with all of our Jacobs, it is 100% genuine, and your product will be completely unique and individually patterned. 

Many of our customers have used this rug in their bedrooms due to the way stunning feel it offers between the toes when stepping out of bed in the morning – ideal for those cold winter mornings! 

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Individual Jacob Medium-Sized Rug 

And then we also have our middle-sized range which are between 110 and 120 cm in length. The one you see in the image above is in ivory white with brown patches (the piebald pattern), and looks fantastic on wooden flooring. 

As with all of our Jacob wool it has a soft, plush thick texture which will help keep your feet warm at all times. 

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Measure Up Before You Buy 

As you can see, we offer various sizes in the Jacob sheepskin collection. We advise that you always measure up the space where you think your Jacob throw or rug will be placed, to avoid disappointment. 

We do offer a no quibble returns policy and can send you a different-sized item if you get it wrong, but of course, we want you to be 100% satisfied at the first attempt, so please do make sure you’ve measure up before selecting which size to purchase online with us. 

Reasons to Buy from Woods Furniture 

If the quality of our products wasn’t enough, then there are also other reasons why you should buy from us, and feel comfortable in doing so: 

  • 140 years of experience
  • No quibble returns policy
  • Secure online payment system
  • Happiness guaranteed

2nd January 2018

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