Sheepskin Pelts for Sale – Now Available from Woods Furniture

Sheepskin Pelts for Sale – Now Available from Woods Furniture

At Woods Furniture we have a wide range of sheepskin pelt rug deals, ranging multiple colours and sizes, from small through to extra large. You can view the entire range by click on the link below, but in the meantime, read on to get some inspiration on how you can use them as rugs and throws.


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What is Sheepskin Pelt?

It’s the hide of sheep, and unlike leather, it is tanned with the fleece intact, giving a luxurious and soft feel that can be used in multiple scenarios around the home.


Sheepskin Pelt Rug – Ideas for the Home

Still undecided on whether to buy sheepskin pelts? If you are still on the fence, then here are just a few ideas which might give you some inspiration on how you can use them in your home.


Use as a Stunning Looking Rug

We will start with the most obvious, but you simply use it as a rug in your home. Despite what you might think, sheepskin is highly resistant to dirt and is a lot tougher than you would expect.

After all, some of these sheep live in the toughest environments in New Zealand and the Scottish Highland so nature dictates they require something that’s going withstand the elements.

If you are still worried about your new sheepskin rug getting dirty, then place it in an area of the home which doesn’t experience as much footfall- for example under a table in the living room.


Keep Cool and Warm in Your Bed

Many customers end up using our sheepskin pelts as underlay for their bedding. In the cold winter months it will keep you warm, and in hot summer it will keep you cool – just as it is designed to by nature.

Sheepskin pelts make for excellent underlay in any size of bed, with many people buying them for their nursery to go in a cot.


Make That Hard Chair More Comfortable

Also known as sheepskin throws, our range of pelts are often used as drapes over hard chairs, for both aesthetic and comfort reasons.

By placing one of our small sheepskin pelts over a hard dining room chair, or a living room chair which might be a little hard to sit on, you can benefit from a luxurious and comfortable seating experience.


Create a Feature in Your Living Room

Along the same lines as the last point, you might want to use a sheepskin pelt as a feature to enhance the look of a living room sofa, again using it as a drape or throw.

A word of warning though; expect a battle for the living room sofa once one of our sheepskin pelts for sale take pride of place in your home!


Use for Inspired Baby Photography

You’ve probably seen those super-cute photos of babies wrapped in, or lying on sheepskin rugs. Buy one today and new parents can create that look for themselves, without the need to pay for an expensive photography session.

We’ve lost count of the amount of parents who now buy our sheepskin rugs and throws for this very reason. With comfort and style, they feel great against the skin and keep your baby warm or cool depending on the weather.


Create a Bespoke Pillow for a Comfortable Sleep

We’ve all had those stubborn pillows that never quite feel comfortable no matter how you fold or position them. You can now say goodbye to restless nights by using a sheepskin pelt.

Customers have been known to buy from our range, and then cut and roll the sheepskin into the ideal configuration to create a bespoke pillow and sleeping experience. You can’t put a value on a good night’s sleep, so worth considering.


Sheepskin Pelt Rugs Used a Bath Mats

Another use that isn’t that common, but still could work in your own home, is to use one of our pelts as a bath mat in the bathroom.

Sheepskin pelts feel very comfortable under your feet, and are quick drying meaning it could transform your bathroom and add an extra facet of relaxation to bath times.


White Sheepskin Pelt Rugs Offer a Festive Feel

Last but not least, with Christmas fast-approaching, why not use a white and shaggy sheepskin pelt as an ideal decorative piece?

They can look amazing set underneath a Christmas tree as they can mimic the effect of snow. White sheepskin pelts can add a festive looking feel to any room in the house at this time of year.


Sheepskin Pelts - Our Conclusion

As you can see from our guide, there are so many ways in which you can use our sheepskin rugs and hides around your home.

To get started and to view our whole range, please click here.

22nd November 2017

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