It makes scents! Explore the Woods Fragrance Collection

It makes scents! Explore the Woods Fragrance Collection


 Nostalgia – Did you know, your sense of smell is the strongest sense to evoke memories?


“It reminds me of the smell of a hotel and therefore a fun holiday with my family – happy times!..”

How our Woods diffuser competition winner describes her chosen scent of Lemongrass and Coriander.


Fragrances and aromas can be interpreted so many ways due to personal experience. Emotions and memories all make our sense of smell unique. When choosing a fragrance for your home, it’s important to consider the mood and ambience you want to set. Floral, fresh, masculine or fruity, our range of diffusers at Woods has been specially selected to cater for all…




Sweet and floral, is the Tuberose and Orange Blossom fragrance. The welcoming fresh scent of the Orange Blossom balances the intensity and comforting fragrance of Tuberose; creating a warming yet subtly sweet finish.

Our diffuser competition entrant, described this delightful scent as her favourite, adding:

“I love this scent! It reminds me of a perfume I own. As a scent for my home it would make me feel welcomed, cosy and relaxed. Love it!”


Welcoming, Sweet & Uplifting -  the Woods Tuberose & Orange Blossom fragrance range includes a single wick candle, multi wick candle, diffuser, luxury hand/body lotion and a hand/body wash.





The Lemongrass and Coriander fragrance collection is a combination of two scent types; a spicy, warm scent of coriander and a fruity citrus burst of lemongrass, that complement harmoniously.


“The freshness of the lemongrass always reminds me of our holiday in Bali. Warm barmy nights and beautiful sunsets.”

Woods customer & diffuser competition entrant on describing the scent of this fragrance.


Calming, fresh and rejuvenating – Our Lemongrass and Coriander fragrance range includes a single wick candle, multi wick candle and diffuser.





A fresh, floral fragrance, Black Peony & Wisteria is a wonderfully sweet yet refreshing scent that will remind you of warm summer walks in English rose gardens.


“It is very fresh and makes me think of my daughter’s lovely old house which has a beautiful wisteria.”

Woods diffuser competition entrant on describing this scent as her favourite.


Uplifting, sweet and clean – the Woods Black Peony & Wisteria fragrance range includes single wick candle, multi wick candle, diffuser and a luxury room spray.





The soft refreshing smell of Mandarin is the subtle undertone of the warming, deep fragrance of the Dark Amber. Giving the overall fragrance a tropical, yet earthy vibe.

One of customers and diffuser competition entrants describes why Dark Amber & Mandarin is her favourite Woods Collection scent:

“Because it reminds me of summer and so I feel relaxed.”


Warming, relaxing, & invigorating – Dark Amber & Mandarin range includes a single wick candle and diffuser.




From Sandalwood, Leather & Jasmine to Rose & Frankincense, discover more of our fragrance collections available online and in store.



3rd May 2017

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