Turn your Dusty Shed into a Beautiful and Practical Garden Room

Turn your Dusty Shed into a Beautiful and Practical Garden Room

Piles of terracotta pots. Rakes with rusty tips. Lurking spiders in the corners. Sound familiar?

We’ve all had that experience of stealthily clambering over piles of plant pots, garden hoes and lawn mower wires. That final stretch to reach something right at the back of a shed. Then… the infamous crash as everything tumbles around you. You only reached for a paintbrush!

What if you could turn this dusty cluttered space into a beautiful and practical garden room?

Blow out the cobwebs. Transfer garden essentials into a lock up. It’s time to create some tranquillity.

What is a garden room I hear you cry?

It’s simply a private room, a little distance away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A creative space. A little home away from home. Or a mini escape to be enjoyed all year round.

Found no further than your own back garden.

For those evenings of outdoor entertaining it creates a place to enjoy alfresco dining a little bit longer. Allowing your guests to feel as content in your garden as they do in your home.

A garden room can be created through simply transforming your garden shed. Combining the great outdoors with the comfort of the indoors.

No matter what the size. Large or small. You can create your very space for a little solitude and privacy. Unlike your shed a garden room is designed with a little more zest and charm. A perfect way to therefore sprout life back into a forgotten shed.

Transforming your garden room doesn’t have to be expensive. And they are great additions if you need a little extra room space but can’t afford to move.

Ready to get started?

There are 3 key points to first consider:

1. Define the purpose: First things first, decide what functions you would like your garden room to serve. This can be from a range of ideas such as:

  • A quiet space to get lost in a good book
  • A spot to enjoy afternoon pot of tea whilst admiring your garden
  • A no distractions home office
  • Extra dining and entertaining area for guests
  • A gardener’s retreat

2. The view: Is the current location of your shed sitting in its full potential? Is there a sunnier spot? A spot with a better view.

Before you start on the interior, it’s important to ensure the view from the door or windows is exactly where you want it. This may mean a little manoeuvring to get the perfect spot. Your garden room is like an extra room to your house so it has to feel just right.

Trust us, it will be so worth it.

3. Finally, define your theme: A garden room is an extension of your home. A standalone room that displays your home’s stylish personality. Or does it?

It’s your little hideaway. Your relaxing escape. Therefore, your opportunity to play with a new style of furniture, materials and colour palettes. Styles and themes that you have perhaps been too cautious to use in your home’s interior.

Vivid tropical prints may not compliment your more reserved home styling. But they can create a playful sanctuary for your garden room. Terracotta accents can inject a Mediterranean vibe. Transporting you to the feeling of everlasting sunshine.

Splash neutral paint on the walls of your garden room. These muted hues will open out and brighten up the space.

This subtle blend of white on wood creates a calming space. It allows a perfect foundation in which to build a colourful theme from.

Not forgetting it’s the details that brings your garden room to life. Pots, planters, lamps, rugs and vases of fresh flowers to name just a few are all great additions.

Stuck for ideas? Your garden itself can provide just the thing you need. Take inspiration from the textural and rich foliage. The beautiful vibrancy of blooming flowers. Both can give you a perfectly natural colour palate combination to play with.

When it comes to furniture the choice is yours. The most practical and popular selections however come in the form of:

  • Rattan
  • Willow 
  • Lloyd loom 

Why not try something a little different?

Marble or mosaic topped tables are always a stylish selection. Perfect for styling your garden room into a home office or as an informal dining area. They add a touch of Mediterranean ambience.

For a more contemporary styling select metal or glass options. Perfect for smaller spaces, the metal and glass will bounce around the natural lighting.

Not everything from your old shed has to be banished. Try arranging a selection of gardening tools, watering cans and potted plants on a shelf or window ledge. Wonderful for creating a rustic display.

Watering cans can also make great and alterative potting solution for plants and flowers. Further inexpensive ways of sprucing up your garden room.

From a serene place to potter and relax, to a safe place the kids can play without the worry of making noise or a mess in the house, a garden room can provide your home with many solutions.

We have suggested ways you can enjoy your very own garden room but the choice really is yours.

It’s time to create your perfect personal space.


28th July 2016

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