Zzzippi Mattresses

Zzzippi mattresses and pillows are perfect for all the family with washable covers.

They are made in the UK, come with a 10-year warranty and can be delivered the very next-day.

Which mattress suits your needs?

Zzzippi Memory Mattress

Zzzippi Comfort Mattress

The Zzzippi Comfort mattress features 14cm of supportive foam, which we feel is perfect for growing bodies. It also features a non-quilted Smartsilver cover to keep dust-mites and bed-bugs away. This cover is also fully removable and machine washable at 40 degrees.

The mattress is made in the UK, comes with a 10 year warranty and at 14cm deep, this height is perfect for most bunk beds.

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Zzzippi Mattress

Zzzippi Memory Pocket 1000 Mattress

The Zzzippi Memory Pocket 1000 is a 20cm deep mattress and comprises a sleeping surface of 5cm of 40kilo memory foam on top of 1000 pocket springs. The high density foam borders offer fantastic edge-to-edge support. This mattress is perfect for those who like the idea of memory foam at a cost effective price with the added support of pocket springs. The mattress also features a Smartsilver Quilted cover which neutralises bacteria and odours for a clean healthy sleep. The cover removable and machine washable and the mattress comes with a full 10 year warranty.

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Zzzippi Memory Mattress

Zzzippi Memory 500 Mattress

The Zzzippi Memory 500 mattress has a depth of 20cm which includes a 5cm layer of memory foam. Ideal for those who require the benefits of memory foam in an affordable package. Featuring a removable Smartsilver quilted cover that neutralises bacteria and odours for a clean healthy sleep.

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