Velvet sofas

A Bit About Velvet

A velvet sofa looks and feels luxurious. Velvet has a suppleness unlike any other fabric, making it a real style staple for your home. 

Velvet is incredibly durable, extremely difficult to snag, has no loose threads and many polyester velvets are fairly resistent to stains. So marks can often be brushed off with ease. 

Velvet wears well, it doesn't malt, crack or fade.

You may notice your velvet appear crushed. Velvet crushing, sometimes referred to as piling, is completely normal, it's part of the fabrics antiquing process and in no way effecs the durability or longevity of the fabric.

Occasionally, crushing can be seen as early as delivery due to compression from transit or packaging. Early signs of crushing can often be adressed to restore the velvet to it's original state. 

While velvet requires very basic care. To maximise it's life and in turn enabling you to enjoy it for many years, we recommend following to the below guidance. 

Basic Care Tips

  • To remove dust, vacuum regularly on a gentle setting. 
  • Using an upholstery brush will help maintain the new velvet appearance.
  • Any cleanining required should be done with a damp cloth. 
  • When cleaning, blot the fabric instead of rubbing. 
  • Do not machine wash any removable covers.



Avoiding Surface Wear & Damage

  • Try to avoid sitting on the edges of cushions or arms, as this may cause uneven wear and distortion of the padding and leather.
  • Where zips are used, these should not be required to be unfastened, as they are there for ease of manufacture.
  • Always ensure to rotate seating, to avoid a favoured seat wearing prematurely. On sofas where the cushions can be removed, it's best to physically swap the cushions around. Alternatively, on sofas like recliners where the cushions are fixed, try to sit in another spot every now and then to give your cushion a chance to breathe. This avoids cushions flattening and the velvet fabric puddling. 

Over time, the cushions may naturally puddle or wrinkle, especially soft sit models. This should be smoothed out as the cushions are rotated and re-dressed.