We are so confident that we have selected the best components to use in our recliners we offer a 5 year guarantee on all products at no extra cost.

This guarantee covers the frame, action and all motor components, including motor, control box, transformer, handset supply leads and plug. (Excludes accidental damage or mis-use).

All other parts carry a full 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship.



A Few Tips


Please avoid sitting on the arms or footrest as this can cause structural damage.


We do not recommend the use of loose cushions with any reclining chair or settee as they may become lodged in the gap between the seat and back and inhibit the reclining action.


Sitting on the edge of the seat cushion can cause the fillings to move and give a creased appearance to the seat.

Should this occur gently push the fabric backwards to move the fillings back to their original position.


Your riser chair should not be used as a seat when in the raised position as this will invalidate your warranty.

With the exception of our Cloud Zero 3 motor Riser Recliner.


To prevent accidental damage or trapping when the footrest closes, each electrically powered chair incorporates a sprung loaded footrest.

Should the footrest hit an obstruction on closing, it will pivot as shown to reduce pressure. The motor will continue to function until the action cycle is finished when it will automatically stop.


Always ensure that no objects are left under the chair.


Safety Guidance


WARNING. This is an electrical item and should be treated with caution.
WARNING. The motion lockout control must be engaged when the chair is not in use.
WARNING. Always ensure that there is nothing to obstruct the free movement of the chair, for example children or pets, or solid objects, e.g. a wall.
WARNING. This chair is not suitable for use by children. Any children in the vicinity must be supervised at all times.
WARNING. Take care when adjusting positions to avoid trapping or pinching of body parts.
WARNING. Do not sit on footrest.
WARNING. Only the occupant or a responsible person should operate the chair.
WARNING. Exercise care when lowering into the chair as shock loads can severely damage the chair and the mechanism.
WARNING. To prevent accidental or unauthorised use, handset operated models incorporate a quick release feature. The handset may be removed by detaching the lead located inside the pocket making the chair inoperable. Always store the removed handset in a safe place, out of the range of children etc.
WARNING. Reclined furniture, due to the raised centre of gravity are more susceptible to tipping than fully closed chairs or settees. Never attempt to lean or reach out of the chair as excessive leaning could cause the chair to tip. Always get out to the chair to retrieve any articles from around the chair. Do not sit on the furniture arms, or the footrest when in the ‘open’ position.
WARNING. Only use the transformer unit supplied with your powered chair or settee. Do not use any other make of transformer as this can result in irreparable damage to the motor. Please do not tamper with the sealed transformer.

This product should only be used as a chair or settee, it is not a suitable substitute for a bed.

Operating guides