Simba - The Best Memory Foam Mattress

the best memory foam mattress

Your Simba Mattress. One mattress. Five layers. Tailored to suit your needs. Using scientific engineering, Simba have developed what we believe to be the best memory foam mattress online. For your optimal sleep.

The Simba Mattress. Product of the year 2018. Simba technology has been tested against data from 180 million body profiles, taken from 10 million sleepers, from the Sleep to Live Institute. Simba say: 'we’re confident that the Simba Hybrid Mattress will feel tailor made for 95% of people.'

the best memory foam mattress online

  • Your top sleep surface. Boasts a hypoallergenic air flow layer. Controls your temperature as you sleep. Next, your super comfort layer. Provides you with cool and gentle support.

  • 2,500* conical springs in your third layer. Designed to individually adjust as you sleep. Below this layer, Visco memory foam, expertly moulds to your body shape. The final layer, your Seventh Heaven, is divided into 7 different zones. Ensures you a perfect night’s sleep.

  • The Simba mattress. Comfortably the best memory foam mattress on the market. Suffering with a bad back? The Simba is the popular choice. And highly recommended, for those suffering from back pain.

  • Tailored for all. Your Hybrid mattress. For two people? Sleep is no problem! Simba’s unique combination of memory foam and conical pocket springs, assists you and your partner, in achieving the perfect undisturbed night’s sleep.

 A bed in a box

Lovingly homemade, your Simba Mattress is designed and manufactured in the UK, before your bed in a box is delivered straight to your door. Inside your box, your mattress comes with a special tool, allows you to unwrap it without causing damage. From the moment you start to unwrap your package, you will hear your mattress begin to inflate. Remove all packaging. And leave your mattress for five hours before use – to fully form it can take up to 24hrs.

Hybrid memory foam mattress

Your Simba mattress. Simba knows the many benefits, of your memory foam mattress, over a traditional pocket sprung mattress. Using their expert knowledge, Simba have engineered, the ultimate Hybrid memory foam mattress.

Temperature Control Prevents overheating. A pocket sprung mattress provides proper ventilation between your body, and your mattress. Your Hybrid memory foam mattress Mattress. Simba. With a combination of memory foam, and pocket springs. Dual benefits. Proper ventilation, and temperature regulation, while you sleep.

Motion Separation Avoids you being disturbed by your partner’s movement during sleep. Your Simba Mattress, has a memory foam layer, that upholds your sleeping shape. Prevents you from rolling over to the other side.

Lifespan Typically memory foam improves with age. Your Simba mattress lasts up to 12 years. Simba’s unique material, can preserve itself through extensive use. Unlike a pocket sprung mattress, Simba’s Hybrid foam mattress doesn’t need to be flipped. Simply rotate it once a month, to increase comfort and durability.

100 day mattress trial when you buy your new mattress online

Want to give it a try? Still not sure? Buy your bed in a box Simba Hybrid Mattress from us, and you get a 100 day mattress trial. Have a bad night’s sleep within those 100 days, then get in touch, and we’ll take it back giving you a full refund.

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Posted by Samantha
6th December 2017

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